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Paul Halsall
Modern Western Civilization

Class 14: Napoleon and Romanticism

I. Music

Ludwig van Beethoven: Third Symphony (Eroica)

Biog: Born at Bonn, from 1792 worked at Vienna 1770-1827 Significance: Full devevelopment of the classical style in music.

II. Napoleon enters the scene

III. Military Successes under the Directory

IV. Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

Napoleon's Life and Rise to Power

V. Coup of 18 Brumaire - Napoleon Named First Consul 1799

VI. Napoleon's Rule in France (1799-1814): The Consulate (1799-1804)

VII. Napoleon's Rule in France (1799-1814): The Empire (1804-1814)

VIII. Assessment Napoleon's Rule in France

IX. Military Conquests and Nemesis

Basic point is this - that the conditions that made his army fight well, when absent led to its defeat

X. Napoleons effect on his Contempories and on History

IX. Summing-Up Napoleon [class discussion]

X. Romanticism