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Internet Ancient History Sourcebook:
Hellenistic World

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The Hellenistic World

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Alexander (356-323 BCE)

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The Hellenistic States

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Art and Architecture

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  • Apollonius of Rhodes (c.295-after 247 BCE): Argonautica [At OMACL][Full Text]
  • Quintus Smyrnaeus (fl. f4th Cent CE): The Fall of Troy [At OMACL]
  • Idyll
    • Theocritus (c.320-c.260 BCE): Idylls 12 and 29 (trans. Edward Carpenter)[At this site]
    • Theocritus (c.320-c.260 BCE): Fifteenth Idyll, c. 250 BCE [At this Site]
  • Novels
  • Biography
    • Plutarch (c.46-c.120 CE): On Biography, from Life of Alexander [At CSUN]
    • Theon (4th Cent CE): On Biography [At CSUN]
      The last known member of the Museum at Alexandria; father of Hypatia)

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Science and Medicine

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Modern Perspectives on Hellenistic Greece

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