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If you have other suggestions for Byzantine Studies articles, or find that links have expired or gone bad, please email me at .

Last Updated: March 12, 2007

This page contains links to articles, papers and other secondary material concerning Byzantine studies. Articles related to other areas, especially Islam, may be included. They will be arranged in chronological order with general articles first. Please note that most of these texts are not at this site. If any links go bad, please contact me.

Important Notice: All of these texts were collected while surfing the Internet. Since they were available on the net at educational sites and had no copy-restrictions, I have assumed that they were copy permitted for educational and non-commercial use. If this is not the case, and I am notified, I shall removed any text immediately pending resolution of the issue.

Invitation: Many readers of these pages have published articles in journals, article which deserve further audiences. I am willing to place copies of any relevant article or book extract on this page.


Byzantine History - Chronological


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