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It is likely that the best collection of books and journals for Byzantine studies is that at the library at Dumbarton Oaks, in Washington DC.

Much of that library's catalog is available on line through the HOLLIS system of Harvard University. It is the premiere place for any bibliographic inquiry about Byzantium. If you have TELNET client hooked up to your web browser you can reach HOLLIS at telnet:// The Harvard University Libraries Webpage is at

From Mid 1998, Dumbarton Oaks put its own catalog online - Dumbarton Oaks: Library Online. So now, by far the most important library for Byzantine studies is searchable online.

In some respects the best library available via the Internet is the University of California System, MELVYL, although larger libraries, such as Harvard, the Library of Congress, Oxford University, and the New York Public are on line, the virtue of the California system is that it has cataloged virtually all its collections. Many others have cut off dates in the early 1970s. One you get the hang of the MELVYL system it can even be set to email bibliographic date to you in a form that can be read by bibliographic programs. If you have TELNET client hooked up to your web browser you can reach MELVYL at telnet://

Byzantine Bibliographies

Here are a series of basic Byzantine bibliographies. If you have another one prepared, please send me a copy and I will mount it on this page.

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