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Gallery: Byzantine Images


There are a growing amount of Byzantine art and Byzantine related images on the Internet. Sites which specialise in such images are listed on the Links to Other Sites page. The intent here in the Gallery is to present available images under topical "exhibitions". This will take some time to do, and at the moment the page is very much "under construction". Beware that a few of the indicated connections may not work.

This version of Gallery contains text references to the art. The older image based version, which alled up inline "thumbnail" never worked satisfactorily, and has been removed.

Because image sites have an unfortunate habit of disappearing, I have made local copies of all linked images. If you cannot load an image, contact me at the address at the bottom of the page.

A Note On My Understanding of Copyright of Byzantine Art Works

In the US owners of a an ancient work of art (one created before 1922) do not have copyright over the work. Copyright does exist in any photographs of such works of art. With some of the items here, especially with "flat" photographs of icons, many of which were collected years ago, it is not possible to determine in many cases who the photographer  was. If your copyright has been infringed, contact me and I will remove an image. Some of the photographs here are by me (marked [PH]) and  these you are free to copy for non-commercial use.

LasBt updated: October 16, 1998


Exhibition 1: Byzantine Icons

Additional Icon Pages

  • Orthodox Christian Fellowship Icon Archive [At MIT]
    A collection of a variety of icons. I have linked to the individual icons before, but the site creators keep changing the URLs. At one stage this was the best the net had to offer, but now its limitations are apparent. No information on origin or provenance is given for most of these icons, and a number are quite modern. It is basically an exercise in piety rather than an art history site. Images available are of: Christ [modern], Christ [modern: artist given], Theotokos and Christ [modern: artist give], St. Philip the Apostle [unknown period: 14th Cent?], St. Stylianos [I.e Alypios the Stylite] [unknown period], Theotokos [unknown: Italian quattocento?], the deposition of Christ from the cross [unknown: Byzantine 14th Cent painting?],  St. Paraskevi [modern Romanian icon card], St. Mina [very modern], The Forty Martyrs of Sebaste [unknown: modern],   the inside of a Romanian Church [modern ornate]. The other advertized icons are missing.

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Exhibition 2: Byzantine Monasteries


Make sure to see the Mount Athos Website for pictures of each monastery, and of art treasures in each.

Art from the Toplou Monastery in Crete

For Meteora see also the Meteora Monasteries Website [At Internet Archive]

Deccani Monastery

These are images from the Monastery of Deccani site near the town of Pech. Its frescoes were painted between 1335 and 1350.

The Church of holy Salvation was founded by King Stefan Urosh III (Dechanski). It was constructed between 1327 and 1335 by the master builder Fra Vita of Kotor. It succeeds in incorporating the multi-naved Western style into the single-naved Byzantine basilica, with a dome, and marble decorations of extraordinary beauty.
Note these images come in GIF format and TIFF format. TIFF format will not display on most web browsers - you may download either, but only the GIF will display. With the TIFF, which carries more information, you must view in another image viewer.

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Exhibition 3: Constantinople, The Queen of Cities


Hagia Sophia - 6th Cent.

The Church St. Saviour in Chora - 14th Cent.

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Exhibition 4: Mistra - A late Byzantine town in the southern Peloponnesus


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Exhibition 5: Ravenna

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Exhibition 6: Miscellaneous Images


Byzantine Historical Figures

Byzantine Views

Byzantine Crafts

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