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This is still pretty sparse, and I expect it will remain so. The intent is to collect public domain software and shareware - fonts, Greek editors, astronomy and mapping programs - useful for Byzantine studies. If you have suggestions, please email me at .

Last Updated: October 16, 1996


The software available here consists of shareware and demo programs. These are copyrighted, and after a period of experimentation you should register the programs. If you do not keep them, then there is no need to register.

The programs here are all DOS or MS Windows programs. To download them all you need to do is activate the links shown. If you download to a mainframe account, you will need, at some stage to download them again to your PC. Make sure that you use "binary" settings in your upload/download software - or the programs will not work.

"Zipped" Files

Many are "zipped" files. This means that a number of separate files have been "zipped" together and compressed. This makes it much faster to download them. Such files end with the three letter extension ".zip".To use the programs you need to

1. download the zipped files to some PC, 2. "unzip" the zipped files. 3. follow the instructions contained in the "readme" file which is part of each zip file. Sometimes this means running a set-up program.

The most common zipping program available is called "PKZIP". If you do not have this program, I have made available "PKUNZIP.EXE" here. Running this program with the line
will unzip all the files here. This is the first program that you should download. I have also made available here the full set of PKZIP files.

[Another couple of programs are self-extracting zipped files. These end with the extension ".exe". You do not need to use PKUNZIP on these. If you just type the name of the file, the program will extract itself.]

Programs Available


  • PKUNZIP - the basic utility needed to unzip other files [executable DOS file].
  • PKZIP - the complete "Pkzip" package [self-extracting zipped DOS file].

Calendar Programs

  • Calendar Program A truly excellent DOS program that instantly gives you access to dates in the past in a number of Calendar systems [Julian, Gregorian, Jewish, Muslim, Byzantine, Spanish ERA, Icelandic, French Revolutionary, and so on].

Astronomy Programs

  • Skyglobe - an astronomy program which will show you the positions of the starst in the sky at any time in the past, from any place on earth, looking in any direction! See How the sky looked looking from the west from Walls of Constantinople just before dawn on the morning of Tuesday 26th May 1453!

Language Programs

  • WinGreek - this will let you type in Greek in Windows 3.1 in any application. It will only work in Windows95 if you are running a Windows 3.1 application. In other words it runs in 16bit but not 32 bit applications only. An Upgrade is on the way.
  • French Verbs - generates all possibilities of each French verb.
  • Spanish Verbs - generates all possibilities of each Spanish verb.

Web Sites/Commercial Products of Interest

  • Multilingual Instruction Software DOS and MacOS shareware and demonstration programs teaching grammar and/or vocabulary of Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, Cornish, French, Georgian, Gothic, Greek, Indonesian, Irish, Latin, Malagasy, Nahuatl, Old English, Old Occitan, Pali, Portuguese, Quechua, Romontsch, Sanskrit, Sardinian, Urdu, Welsh and Yiddish
  • A Logos Software Reseller A link to the commercial Bible software dealer. His blurb may be interesting to some:
    "The Catholic Scholars Pack retails for $499.95 and anyone may purchase it. It contains the full texts of:
    KJV King James Version
    The Latin Vulgate
    New American Bible for Catholics
    New Jerusalem Bible
    Jerome Bible Commentary
    Revised Standard Version
    Nestle-Aland 26th Ed. (Greek NT)
    GRAMCORD Morphology
    Vines Expository Dictionary
    BHS Hebrew with Westminster Morphology
    Rahlf's Septuagent with Morphology
    TVM Tense, Voice, Mood
    Bauer, Ardnt, Gingrich and Danker Greek Lexicon
    Liddell and Scott Intermediate Greek Lexicon
    Louw Nida Lexicon
    Chapman's New Testament Greek Insert
    Kittel, Theological Dictionary of the New Testament
    Harper's Bible Commentary
    Harper's Bible Dictionary
    New Bible Dictionary
    Bible Knowledge Commentary
    R.A. Torrey's New Topical Textbook
    Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
    The Complete Guide to Bible Versions
    Strong's numbers with BDB/Thayer lexicons
    Logos Bible Maps
    Augustine's Confessions
    Pilgrim's Progress
    Spurgeon: Morning and Evening
    100 MIDI Hymns
    "As a Logos dealer, I can order for you the regular LOGOS BIBLE STUDY software, Levels 1, 2, 3 or 4; and other stand-alone products such as John MacArthur's Commentaries and The Dead Sea Scrolls Unvieled CD-ROM. My policy is to discount the products giving you the benefit of 50% of the difference between retail and wholesale prices. Call up my home page on the internet at "" and select the Logos Bible Study link to find their home page. Contact me if you would like to purchase this or other programs from Logos at significant savings.
    Paul Lorenzen: Sparks, Nevada, e-mail


As far as I can see none of these files is infected with a virus. But the Internet is not a secure place, and you download and run all files at your own risk. You can check the files before you run them with any of the widely available anti-virus programs.

The author and maintainer of this site is Paul Halsall [a picture!] . He can be contacted by email at

Please do not hesitate to mail comments or suggestions.


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