Paul Halsall

Introduction to the Medieval World

Class 17: The Western Monarchies: England, France, Spain

Assigned Reading:

I. 	Introduction - Change in "Feudalism"

A.	Feudalism grew up as response to attacks and collapse
	of central power.
	-from c. 1050, and earlier, the attacks stopped.
	-Feudalism was by then an established pattern.
	-Like all patterns it under went change.

B.	Commerce
	-Growth of Commerce - by merchants
	-Especially in Northern France and Flanders - heartland
	of classical feudalism.

C.	Powerful lordships - change military demands
	-Normandy, Flanders, England + Crusades
	-40 days service not enough
	-Military leaders begin to pay soldiers - and commute
	military service to money -= called scutage in England.

D.	Chivalry
	Code of Feudalism develops as Aristocratic culture
	Chivalry + Romance
	Also Aristocrats remain a rich class in society.
	But their  role changes. Increasingly they are a class
	within a country, rather than small scale rulers of
	counties, duchies etc.

II.	England

A.	1066 - The Conquest
	1086 - Domesday Book

B.	Henry I
	-the Exchequer - An efficient way of looking after money.
	-Household - still followed kings around

C.	Plantagenets
	-Henry II 1154-1186
	-All of England, Ireland and Half of France
	-Law develops in England - Royal Judges apply
	feudal law to kings advantage. But are fair
	Get right amount of money
	-Kings control over vacant fiefs.
	-Courts are a source of power.  Kings law sticks better.
	-Use of Writs - Beginnings of Common Law.

D.	John
	-Pushes it too far
	-Magna Carta - Idea of Due process (for barons.
	-Anglicization of Aristocracy.
	-The `Men of the Realm'

E.	1265 - Simon de Montfort vs.,. Henry III - Parliament.

III.	France

A.	Capetians

B.	Ile de France

C.	Defending rights in the Ile de France - Louis VII

IV.	The Next Stage - Philip Augustus
-Normandy & Languedoc

V.	Christian Kingship and St. Louis 

A.	St. Louis
	Relationship with Church

B.	Joinville

	1.	What is Joinville's account of Louis IX's
		relationship to his people?

	2.	What made Louis so virtuous in the eyes of his

	3.	How did Louis deal with the clergy?

	4.	What was the importance of Justice to Louis's power?

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