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Metropolitan Museum of Art
Medieval Collection on 5th Avenue


Meaghan McCarthy and  Chris Daenzer

daenzer2.jpg (19419 bytes)


This display depicts some of the jewelry: earrings, pendants, and necklaces of the medieval times. Most of the artifacts above come from Early Byzantium, probably origination in Constantinople. The pectoral pictured directly in the middle of the picture, dates back to the mid 6th century. It is said to be part of a treasure found in Antonie, and is composed of a plain ring attached to a highly detailed frame. The coin circle in the middle shows an emperor in military attire on one side, with the opposite side bearing the image of a figure on the throne with a helmet and tunic. Such pectorals are representative of emperors from the 4th-6th century, with Justinian being the final emperor depicted.


daenzer3.jpg (21476 bytes)

The above picture displays a girdle and a necklace with pendants from 6th-7th century, Constantinople.

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