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Metropolitan Museum of Art:
Medieval Collection on 5th Avenue


Meaghan McCarthy and  Chris Daenzer


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The second casket from the left on the top tier was created in Paris around the year 1320. The image on the casket depicts scenes from French medieval romance literature. There is a scene of Lancelot rescuing Guinevere using his sword as a bridge, deriving from the romance "The Death of King Arthur". From the work Tristan, Tristan and Isolda are depicted as escaping the view of King Mark who hides in a tree trying to uncover their romantic tryst. Unicorns are depicted as well as hairy wild beasts in the forest, usually the author's depiction of the lower classes of society.

On the left of the caskets is a fresco from the 12th-14th century, Byzantium, depicting an angel from a Dormition Scene.

On the far right is a fresco of St. John Damascus, best known for the Defense of Icons. Dating from the 12th-14th century, Byzantine.

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The casket above is adorned with warriors and dancers. Dating from the 11th century Byzantine. The hinges, flanges and locks date to the 15th century, Italy.

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