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Ho Chi Minh:
Program for Communist of Indochina, 1930

Ho Chi Minh (1890-1968) drafted the following program on February 18, 1930, for a conference of Vietnamese Communists who met in the British colony of Hong Kong.

Workerss peasants, soldiers, youth, pupils!

Oppressed and exploited compatriots!

The Communist Party of Indochina is founded. It is the party of the working class. It will help the proletarian class lead the revolution in order to struggle for all the oppressed and exploited people. From now on we must pin the Party, help it and follow it in order to implement the following slogans:

1. To overthrow French imperialism, feudalism, and the reactionary Vietnamese capitalist class.

2.. To make Indochina completely independent.

3. To establish a worker­peasant and soldier government.

4. To confiscate the banks and other enterprises belonging to the imperialists and put them under the control of the worker­peasant and soldier government.

5. To confiscate all of the plantations and property belonging to the imperialists and the Vietnamese reactionary capitalist class and distribute them to poor peasants.

6. To implement the eight­hour working day.

7. To abolish public loans and poll tax. To waive unjust taxes hitting the poor people.

8. To bring back all freedom to the masses.

9. To carry out universal education.

10. To implement equality between man and woman.

Nguyen Ai Quoc (Ho Chi Minh)

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