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IMPORTANT: New Structure for the Modern History Sourcebook

As of January 20 1999, the Internet Modern History Sourcebook has been completely reorganized.  Each of the main sections had became too large [nearly 300k] to maintain as one file.  To see the new arrangement go to the Main Index.  The four older index files - Early Modern (this page)| Three Revolutions | 19th Century | Modern World - will all remain available indefinitely, and the URLs of individual files will not alter. But no new texts (after 12/31/1998) will be added to these large index pages. For new texts, use the new structure, or check the New Additions page.

The new structure also includes a comprehensive Full Texts index, a HELP! page, and a Search page.


I: Reformation Europe

Precursors and Papal Critics



Radical Reformers

English and Scottish Reformation

Catholic Reform


Women and Reformation

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II: The Ancien Regime

The Early Modern World System

Structures of Life

Structures of Politics - Absolutism

England, Holland, and America - Alternative Polities and Economies

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