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Midtown Manhattan

on Fifth Ave @ Central Park South

New York, NY 10019

By: Alexandra Chiurri

Giannina Ortiz


The Plaza was originally built in 1900 and then was rebuilt in 1907 to the tune of twelve million dollars when the new Ritz Carlton joined the other hotels at the turn of the century. The hotel brought elegance east of Fifth street. "The opening of the Plaza Hotel was accompanied by the sure sign of the automobile on Fifth avenue in New York."

"The Plaza has been able to maintain its standings over the years. The Plaza's various public rooms have undergone numerous incarnations. The large room on the corner of Forty-ninth Street and the Plaza, which was called simply the "restaurant," assumed various decors as the Edwardian Room and the Green Tulop, and the Fifty-ninth Street dining room that served as the office of Jules Bache has become, and Remains, the Oak Room."

"Finally, the Plaza houses New York's one functioning Palm Court, and it has a busy day. Breakfasts and salad lunches are served, and no sooner are the last leaves of lettuce carried away than a violinist and pianist turn up and a flame is put under the tea kittles and cocoa in the kitchens. This does not mean, however, that the Plaza has not plugged ahead into the future. Not only does it provide its guests with closed circuit television and choice of two movies daily, but troubleshooting hostesses called "service coordinators," together speaking all of fifteen languages, patrol the lobby and halls where once private maids and lackies scurried obediently."


The Plaza Hotel, one of New York city's finest hotels, was architecturally designed imitating the style of a late medieval French chateaux. The elegant lobby contains ornamented archways, pillars, and marble floors. This combined with a usage of the color gold give the hotel a wealthy, upper-class appearance.


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