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The Frick Collection

mccartan0.jpg (7686 bytes)
Insignia of the Frick Collection


New York

1 70 east 70th Street (at 5th Avenue)
New York

Fran McCartan
[email protected]

A Little Something About the Museum

The art works of the  Frick Collection are shown as they were when the Museum was  grand house of Mr. Frick. The aura of the museum is that there is a sense you are in someone's home viewing masterpieces, not "museum walls". The museum has  home type with rooms such as a  hall and a dining room. One of the most beautiful aspects of the museum is the garden court enclosed with glass. The museum seems out of place in the modern and bustling Upper East Side.

Its breathtaking art collection is shown in a luxurious setting, and is strong in Renaissance paintings. The names of the artists range from Rembrandt and Hans Holbein the Younger to Monet. Other than paintings, the museum has sculptures, drawings, pieces of furniture, and porcelain. Most if not all of the works are of outstanding quality, but have no labels. Across the street from the museum is The Frick Art Reference Library. It is on the top of the list for those studying European and American Art.


A Piece of History

Henry Clay Frick was a millionaire. He served as President and chairman of Carnegie Steel and J.P. Morgan's board of directors. He gave away his mansion along with his art collection plus a 15 million endowment to the City of New York.

Late Medieval Paintings in the Frick

mccartan1.jpg (45875 bytes)

This drawing is called a Landsknecht. The artist is Albrecht Altdorfer. The artist lived from 1480 to 1538. It is a wonderful masterpiece, which details the struggle of the character.

This piece is called Christ Bearing The Cross, With A Dominican Friar, by Barna da Siena. The eyes are most captivating feature of the painting. There is much detail around the fringe of the painting. The gold color presents a serial setting, which makes the painting unique.

mccartan2.jpg (39761 bytes)

mcartan3.gif (74457 bytes)

This painting is called Madonna and Child, With Saints Lawrence and Julian, by Gentile da Fabriano. The detail of the frame is outstanding and unlike anything, you have seen. The frame presents the onlooker as if he/she was catching a glimpse from outside of the Virgin Mary.

Paintings of St. Francis

mccartan4.jpg (75376 bytes)

This painting is one of the more popular paintings. It is called Saint Francis In the Desert, by Giovanni Bellini (1430-1516). It shows St. Francis receiving the stigmata. The condition of the painting is outstanding and looks very fresh. The landscape is very detailed and fine.
A detail of Saint Francis In the Desert mccartan5.jpg (31476 bytes)

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