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Medieval Paintings

at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Patrica McManus

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About the Collection

(This information was taken from the Metropolitan Museum of Art web site.)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art holds an extensive Medieval Art Collection that is considered to be rivaled by few other collections worldwide. The collection of art ranges from the fourth to the sixteenth century and includes tapestries, paintings, jewelry, stained glass, and much more.

The Paintings

The paintings in the Metropolitan Museum’s Medieval Collection share a common thread in that they, for the most part, deal with religious subject matter. Much of art in medieval times was focused around Christianity, as evidenced in the Metropolitan Collection. Madonnas and depictions of Christ dominate the Medieval Collection at the MET.


The Metropolitan Collection houses many paintings depicting Madonnas, a popular subject matter in Medieval times. Mary is seen time and time again in the paintings in this collection, signifying more than just her popularity but rather her importance to Christians in Medieval times. The photos depict Mary in majesty. The triptych, done by Giovanni di Tano Fei, an artist active between 1384 and 1405, is among the most beautiful renderings of Mary in the Metropolitan Collection.

The Artists

The collection of Medieval paintings at the MET, also known as early Renaissance paintings, generally falls into the time period of roughly between the early 1200’s to the early 1500’s. Much of the collection consists of the work produced in this time frame by the following artists:

Early Medieval Artists

Simone Martini 1284-1344

Master of Varlungo 1285-1310

Lippo di Benivieni 1296-1327

Later Medieval Artists

Master of St. Cecelia early 14th cent.

Naddo Ceccarelli early 14th cent.

Master of the Dominican Effigies 14th cent.

Master of the Life of St. John the Baptist

Ugolino da Siena 1315-1340

Bernardo Daddi 1327-1348

Don silvestro de’ Gherarducci 1339-1399

Bartolo di Fredi 1356-1410

Lorenzo Veneziano 1357-1372

Lorenzo Monaco 1370-1423

Bicci di Lorenzo 1373-1452

Giovanni di Tano Fei 1384-1405

Master of Marradi 15th cent.

Fra Filippo Lippi & Workshop 1406-1469

Carlo Crivelli 1430-1495

Cosimo Roselli 1439-1507

Sandro Botticelli 1445-1510

Bartolomeo Vivarini 1450-1491

More Medieval Paintings

Still more Medieval paintings and treasures of all varieties are on view at the Cloisters, a branch of the Metropolitan Museum located in northern Manhattan. More information about the Cloisters is available on the World Wide Web.

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