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The French Revolution

[Note: Crib Sheets are meant as review aids for a particular period/theme. They are not complete overviews!]Ancien Regime Figures and Dates Louis XV ruled 1715-74
  • "apres moi, le deluge"
  • Madame de Pompadour 1721-64
  • Madame du Barry
  • Rene Maupeau 1714-1792
  • The Seven Years War 1756-63
Louis XVI ruled 1774-1792 (executed 1793)
  • Jacques Turgot 1721-1781
  • Jacques Necker 1732-1802
  • Charles Alexander de Calonne 1732-1802,
  • Etienne Charles Lomenie de Brienne 1727-1794
Lead Up to Revolution
  • The Fiscal Crisis
  • Assembly of Notables 1787
  • 1788 Coup d'etat of Parlements
Start of the Revolution - 1788-1789
  • Cahiers des Doleances
  • Abbé Sieyes: What is the Third Estate?
  • Estates General - May 5th 1789 at Versailles
  • National Assembly - June 17th

  • Tennis Court Oath - June 20th 1789
  • National Assembly takes name National Constituent Assembly - June 27th
  • July 1789 - The Great Fear in the countryside
  • Fall of the Bastille - July 14th 1789
  • August 4th Laws - abolish "feudalism"
  • Declaration of the Rights of Man - August 27th 1789
  • Civil Constitution of the Clergy July 1790
Reaction to the Revolution
  • Edmund Burke: Reflections on the French Revolution 1790

  • The beginning of modern conservative thought.
  • Thomas Paine: The Rights of Man 1791
  • Olympe de Gouge: The Rights of Women 1791
  • Mary Wollstonecraft: Vindication of the Rights of Woman 1792
Radicalization 1791-1792
  • Constitution of 1791
  • The Legislative Assembly (1791-1792)
  • Parties

  • The Jacobins, Girondists/Brissotins - Jacque-Pierre Brissot
  • The Sans Culottes [those who do not wear "culottes" - ie fashionable leggings. Modern translation "The K-Mart crowd"]
  • WAR - April 20 1792 - war declared on Austria
  • August 10th 1792 Attack on Tuileries Palace
  • September 1792 [September Massacres]
  • The Convention - 1792-95 meets September 21 1792 - France declared a republic.

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