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Additions in Current YearPaul Halsall, ORB sources editorThe Internet Medieval Sourcebook is now part of 
ORB, the Online Reference Book 
for Medieval Studies.

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Recorded here are all primary source texts as they are added to any part of the Sourcebook (Selected Sources, Full Texts, or Saints' Lives). Texts added on the Fordham Server are listed as available 00/00/00; texts on other servers are listed as available via here 00/00/00. Although there are also secondary sources in the Sourcebook, they are not listed here. November 1998 October 1998 September 1998 August 1998 July 1998 June 1998
  • Magna Carta, 1215 1090, en castellano, available via here 11/15/97 [At University of Lima]
  • The Life of King Edward the Confessor [At Cambridge] available 6/30/98
    Visual presentation of Cambridge University Library MS. Ee.3.59 which "contains the only copy of an illustrated Anglo-Norman verse Life of St Edward the Confessor, written in England probably in the later 1230s or early 1240s, and preserved in this manuscript, executed c. 1250-60.
  • Institutes, 535, very extensive selections, in English, available 6/29/98
  • Oldradus de Ponte: No. 35 (Questio), early 14th century, available 6/27/98.
    The issue here is the validity of a marriage contract made under duress. A woman was kidnapped, held captive and raped over a period of twelve days. During that time, the villain compelled the woman to pronounce the words of a marriage ceremony, after which he endeavored to consummate the marriage.
  • Oldradus de Ponte: No. 92 (Questio), early 14th century, available 6/27/98.
    The here was the responsibility of a knight who had been entrusted with a castle while a war was going on. That knight gave custody of the castle to someone else who then lost it to the enemy. Was the original knight liable for the castle's loss? What is the responsibility of someone who undertakes to keep something safe for someone else?
  • Justinian I: Novel 77, [538 CE] and Novel 141, [544 CE] [At PWH] available 6/27/98
    Includes texts of earlier Roman legislation on homosexuality.
  • Anglo Saxon Dooms, 560-975, available 6/21/98. These include:
    The Laws of Æthelberht, King of Kent 560-616 A.D.
    The Laws of Kings Hlothhære and Eadric 673-686 A.D.
    The Laws of King Wihtræd 690-725 A.D.
    The Laws of King Alfred 871-901 A.D.
    The Laws of King Edward the Elder, 901-924 A.D.
    The Laws of Alfred, Guthrum, and Edward the Elder
    The North People's Law
    Mercian Law
    The Laws of King Athelstan 924-939 A.D.
    The Laws of King Edmund I 939-946 A.D.
    The Laws of King Edgar 959-975 A.D.
  • The Flores Historiarum: On William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, c. 1307, available 6/21/98
  • The Trial of Joan of Arc, 1431, available 6/21/98
  • Livre des Sources Médiévales. A New addition to the Internet Medieval Sourcebook. Contains over 150 documents in French, Latin, Langue d'oil, and Occitan. available 6/19/98
  • William of Malmesbury: The Battle of Hastings, 1066, excerpts, available 6/19/98
  • Peter Abelard: Sic et Non (Yes and No), 1120, short extracts, available 6/19/98
  • Bracton: De Legibus Et Consuetudinibus Angliæ (On the Laws and Customs of England), in English and Latin, attributed to Henry of Bratton, c. 1210-1268), Full Text, available via here 6/18/98 [At Cornell]
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© This text is part of the Internet Medieval Source Book. The Sourcebook is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted texts related to medieval and Byzantine history. Unless otherwise indicated the specific electronic form of the document is copyright. Permission is granted for electronic copying, distribution in print form for educational purposes and personal use. If you do reduplicate the document, indicate the source. No permission is granted for commercial use. No representation is made about the copyright status of texts linked off-site. © Paul Halsall,  November 1998