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Homosexuality and Catholicism:
A Partially Annotated Bibliography

HTML Version 2.1, September 1997
© Paul Halsall

This bibliography is an attempt to assemble all available references to discussions of homosexuality, Catholicism and Christianity in general. Data have been assembled from computerized catalogs, from the bibliographies in modern books, and from earlier printed bibliographies (especially those by Wayne Dynes and Tom Horner). Where the compiler has knowledge of the item, it has been annotated. Some annotations are based on comments made by Dynes and Horner, others from discussions of items that have taken place on the Internet. The usefulness of such a bibliography is self-evident. It is also inevitable that important references will have escaped the compiler, and/or publication details may -rarely it is hoped - be incorrect. There is also room for disagreement as to the sections underwhich certain items have been placed. Corrections and additions will be made in later versions. Please send comments, corrections and suggestion to me, Paul Halsall, at email address:-

Previously this bibliography was in one large file - over 1 Megabyte. A such is would not load in many browsers. The major sections have now been broken up into distinct files, which are still, however, rather large.

The Structure of the Bibliography is as follows. Select each major section to link to that part of the bibliography:

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