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Homosexuality and Catholicism Bibliography:
Section XI: Modern Backlash

© Paul Halsall

A: Roman Catholic

Barnhouse, Ruth T., "Homosexuality", Anglican Theological Rrevies Suppl. Series, 6 (June 1976), 107-134

ABSTRACT: The method of this essay [is] to review the evidence of history, anthropology, biology, and psychology in an attempt to clarify the reasons why some people "remain permanently incapable" of the usual heterosexual adaptation. I take issue with Squire, contending that, even though involuntary, such incapability does have profound moral and theological significance. That the proper demands of true Christian charity have not been met in the past treatment of homosexuals will not be denied; but redressing this wrong in no way requires that homosexuality be accepted as a normal alternative life style [excerpt].

Barnhouse, Ruth Tiffany, Homosexuality: A Symbolic Confusion, (New York : Seabury, 1976)

Trickle down psychological myths. A good title.

reviewed by:-

Miller, J., in Christian Scholar's Review 9:3 (1980), 277-278

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Barnhouse, Ruth T, "Response to my critics", Anglican Theological Review 59 (April 1977), 194-197

Bull, Chris, "Catholic officials' opposition raps Boston partners bill ", Advocate Jun 18, 1991; :579 p. 19

[Abstract from electonic database]: The opposition by the Roman Catholic Church to Boston's domestic-partnership bill, which gives legal recognition to same-sex couples, is discussed. Church officials said that the extension of the title "family" to gay and lesbian couples would undermine the family.

Bull, Chris, "Connecticut bishops' silence clears path for gay rights bill ", Advocate May 21, 1991; :577 p. 17

[Abstract from electonic database]: Connecticut recently became the fourth state to pass a gay rights law. Many believe that because the Roman Catholic church took a neutral stance in this election the bill passed.

Bull, Chris, "Minnesota court nixes bias award to gay Catholics", Advocate Jul 30, 1991; :582 p. 21

[Abstract from electonic database]: A Minnesota appeals court recently overturned a discrimination award against the Roman Catholic Church. The court's decision, which is likely to further confuse the relationship between the church and Dignity, a gay Catholic group, is discussed.

"Ex Cathedra", New Republic Apr 22, 1991; 204:16 p. 8-9

[Abstract from electonic database]: An editorial discusses the rift between the Catholic Church and homosexuals. A gay march in New York City, which was led by Mayor David Dinkins, resulted in insults from both sides.

Cahalan, John C., "A Liberal Case Against Gay & Lesbian Rights", New Oxford Review, 61;10 (Dec 1 1994), 8-

Carlin, David R Jr, "Where have the liberals gone?", Commonweal Mar 25, 1994; 121:6 p. 9-10

[Abstract from electonic database]: Gay rights activists who charged that the pope, the Catholic church and ancient Christian teaching are "homophobic" after Pope John Paul II issued a statement condemning same-sex marriages are implying that Catholics don't have a right to believe that homosexual conduct is immoral or to express their belief publicly.

Catholics for A Free Choice, A New Rite: Conservative Catholic Organizations and their Allies, (Washington DC: Catholics for a Free Choice, 1994)

"The Church in 1994": Charlie Rose Jun 21, 1994; TV Program :1143 p. --

[Abstract from electronic database]:Cardinal John O'Connor discusses the difficulties of preaching the beliefs of the Catholic Church in the context of 1994 US society. Abortion and homosexuality are issues on which Catholic beliefs remain unchanged.

Colligan, James P., "What Kind of Mission? Gay Times at Maryknoll" Crisis : a journal of lay Catholic opinion, Jan 1 1991 v 9:1, p.14

Conn, Joseph L, "Playing Broadway", Church & State Jun 1993; 46:6 p. 4-6

[Abstract from electronic database]:With support and assistance from Cardinal John J. O'Connor and the Archdiocese of New York, Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition was a significant force in New York City's recent school board election. AIDS, sex education and homosexuality were the partnership's galvanizing issues.

Conway, Ronald, "Papal obsessions", World Press Review Dec 1993; 40:12 p. 45

[Abstract from electronic database]:The papal encyclical "Veritatis Splendor" is discussed. The encyclical stands on two fundamental assertions--that certain acts are intrinsically evil and that the church's moral teachings are not negotiable. The church's stance on homosexuality is examined.

Cornwell, John, "Dispatches: The infallible man", Vanity Fair Sep 1993; 56:9 p. 104-122

[Abstract from electronic database]:In Aug 1993, Pope John Paul II visited the US for the first time in six years. Criticisms of his papacy are discussed, and his conservative views on women in the clergy, birth control and homosexuality are presented.

"Court Tells Church What to Do", Christianity Today Apr 8, 1988; 32:6 p. 48

[Abstract from electonic database]: A DC court has ruled that a Roman Catholic church must provide support services to a student gay-rights group even if the group's purpose conflicts with the Church's teaching.

Cramer, Jerome, "Academic Freedom and the Catholic Church", Educational Record Spring 1986; 67:2-3 p. 30-37

[Abstract from electronic database]:Charles Curran, who was recently banned from teaching theology at Roman Catholic colleges and universities, is profiled. Curran was expelled because of his liberal teachings on homosexuality, abortion and divorce.

Dannemeyer, William, Shadow in the Land : Homosexuality in America, (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1989)

Homophobic congressman published by the leading publisher, along with TAN books, of the Catholic right.

Du Mas, Frank M., Gay is Not Good, (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1979),

A variety of arguments by a psyhchologist.

Edwards, Robin, "Vatican teaching underpins anti-gay efforts", National Catholic Reporter 30:38 (Sept 12, 1994), p.4

Fahey, John F., "It's time to stop parading our prejudices". U.S. Catholic, Aug. 01 1991 v. 56:8, p.28

Catholic gay and lesbian activists may have stirred up some trouble, but can't the Catholic Church understand why?

Gallagher, John, "Vatican Statement Condones Antigay Discrimination ", Advocate Aug 25, 1992; :610 p. 21

[Abstract from electonic database]: A document from the Vatican that condones discrimination against lesbians and gays is discussed. The document urges bishops to take an active position against nondiscrimination laws, and activists say that this document represents a new level in Roman Catholic leaders' stance toward gay rights.

Goldstein, Richard, "My Sin", Village Voice Apr 9, 1991; 36:15 p. 42

[Abstract from electonic database]: When Baptist minister Calvin Butts accused John Cardinal O'Connor of failing to speak out against antigay violence, he was saying much more. Butts was affirming that gay people are entitled not just to physical safety but to full civil rights. The churches' stances on gay rights are examined.

Gray, Malcolm, "Conflict with the Vatican', Maclean's Dec 1, 1986; 99:48 p. 70-72

[Abstract from electronic database]:The Washington DC meeting of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops debated some hot topics--including political activism and the needs of homosexuality--highlighting the distancing of American Bishops from the Pope.

Harding, Rick, "Minneapolis panel: Catholic officials violated bias law ", Advocate Jan 1, 1991; :567 p. 20

[Abstract from electonic database]: The Minneapolis Civil Rights Commission of Minnesota ruled Nov 26, 1990 that the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Minneapolis-St Paul violated a municipal gay rights ordinance when it expelled the Minneapolis chapter of the gay group Dignity from a church-owned facility. The ruling is discussed.

Hirschorn, Michael W., "Georgetown U. Won't Appeal Ruling Requiring Equal Treatment of Homosexuals", Chronicle of Higher Education Apr 6, 1988; 34:30 p. A27-A28

[Abstract from electronic database]:Georgetown University has agreed not to appeal a DC Court of Appeals ruling that grants homosexual groups equal treatment at the Roman Catholic institution.

Hirschorn, Michael W, "Homosexual Groups Granted Equal Treatment but Not Official Recognition at Georgetown U.", Chronicle of Higher Education Dec 2, 1987; 34:14 p. A33-A36

[Abstract from electronic database]:The District of Columbia Court of Appeals ruled that Georgetown University, a Catholic school, must give equal treatment to homosexual student groups, but need not recognize them officially.

Lefevere, Patricia, "Gay, Catholic Struggle Moves into N.Y. Courts ", National Catholic Reporter Apr 15, 1988; 24:25 p. 4

[Abstract from electonic database]: The struggle between gay Catholics and the church is discussed. The Catholic church does not accept homosexuality, a stance that has resulted in courtroom battles in New York.

Leo, John, "The Gay Tide of Catholic-Bashing", US News & World Report Apr 1, 1991; 110:12 p. 15

[Abstract from electonic database]: Attacks on the Roman Catholic Church by gay activists should be condemned the way that attacks on gays are. Savage mockery of Christianity is now a conventional part of the public gay culture.

Leo, John, "Is Anti-Catholicism Becoming Respectable?", Reader's Digest (Canadian English Edition) Dec 1991; 139:836 p. 43-44

[Abstract from electonic database]: Gay rights activists have launched what appears to be a hate campaign against the policies of the Roman Catholic Church. The press is accused of sympathizing with these actions instead of condemning them.

Lernoux, Penny, People of God: The Struggle for World Catholicism, (New York: Viking, 1989)

Contains and interesting chapter on "The Roman Restoration in the United States, and Cardinal Raztzinger's attack on Dignity.

Main, William, "Gay But Unhappy: A New Approach May Offer Hope for Homosexuals", Crisis : a journal of lay Catholic opinion. Mar 1 1990 v 8:3, p.32

McMillen, Liz, "Liberal Theologian May Sue Catholic University over Suspension", Chronicle of Higher Education Jan 21, 1987; 33:19 p. 13, 16

[Abstract from electronic database]:The Reverend Charles E. Curran, a liberal theologian under fire from the Vatican, is considering a lawsuit against Catholic University, which has temporarily suspended him and canceled his courses. The controversy over Curran's teachings about sexuality is presented.

Minkowitz, Donna, "The time for self-hate on the gay and lesbian Left is over. ", Advocate Dec 3, 1991; :591 p. 31

[Abstract from electonic database]: Many lesbians and gays have worked hard for the Committee in Solidarity With the People of El Salvador (CISPES), only to be silenced by heterosexual comrades afraid of offending Salvadorans or the Catholic Church. A look at the need for straight Leftists to work on homosexual needs is presented.

"Newspaper report: Gay pol compared cleric to Hitler ", Advocate Apr 10, 1990; :548 p. 19

[Abstract from electonic database]: Ernest Reaugh, the gay liaison to New York state senate Democratic leader Manfred Ohrenstein, was called on by state Republican legislators to apologize or face suspension after comparing Roman Catholic cardinal John O'Connor to Adolf Hitler.

Oliphant, Lincoln C., "What Churches Can Expect From "Gay Rights" Laws: A Preview Of Iowa's Sexual Orientation Bill", The Catholic Lawyer, 1990 v 33:2, p.87

"Pope Backs Hate Crimes", Nation Aug 17, 1992; 255:5 p. 157

[Abstract from electonic database]: An editorial discusses the Vatican's recent directive instructing US bishops to oppose laws protecting gay rights. Once again the news media has been silent on the Church's latest hate crime.

Rodkin, Dennis, "Tales out of school ", Advocate Apr 10, 1990; :548 p. 40-42

[Abstract from electonic database]: Librarian Mark Henderson was fired by a Catholic high school because his name was allegedly on a "gay swap list." Henderson is pursuing a breach of privacy case against the school to find out more about the mysterious list, which may have been a list found by police in a murdered friend's apartment.

"Rome on Gay Rights", Christian Century Aug 12, 1992; 109:24 p. 739

[Abstract from electonic database]: A new Vatican document that opposes civil rights legislation for homosexuals is discussed. The Roman Catholic Church asserts that restricting the rights of homosexuals is sometimes necessary to protect the common good as represented by the traditional family.

"Rome's New Catechism", Christian Century Dec 9, 1992; 109:36 p. 1126-1127

[Abstract from electronic database]:The recently released "Catechism of the Catholic Church," which outlines Roman Catholic doctrinal positions, is discussed. The positions articulated in the document cover issues such as capital punishment and homosexuality.

Potts, Timothy C., "Joseph Ratzinger and the New Inquisition", European Gay Review 2 (1987), 90-104

An account of the 1986 "Letter on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual People", with a discussion of Cardinal Ratzinger's changing attitudes.

Ratzinger, Joseph Cardinal withVittorio Messori, The Ratzinger report : an exclusive interview on the state of the Church, trans.Salvator Attanasioand Graham Harrison, (San Francisco : Ignatius Press, 1985)

Fascinating interview with formerly liberal theologian who has lead Roman Catholic crackdown under John Paul II and head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Ratzinger's views on the American Catholic community are very interesting. He sees massive departures, and the survival of a rump of about 15 million "faithful". He seems to view this with equanimity.

"Resolution riles pontiff", Advocate: Apr 5, 1994; :652 p. 18

[Abstract from electronic database]:In his Feb 20, 1994 homily at the Vatican, Pope John Paul II attacked a nonbinding European Parliament resolution recommending that gay and lesbian couples be allowed to marnr ry and adopt children.

Rueda, Enrique F., "The Homosexual Network: Private Lives and Public Policty, (Old Greenwich CT: Devin Adair, 1982)

By a Cuban Roman Catholic priest, at 680 pagee this is the largest assemblage of anti-gay arguments. But it is also useful in citing addresses of every Dignity chapter and the names of bishops and clergy who have helped Dignity. He consistenetly talks about "infiltration".

Spaeth, Robert L, "Cloud over St. Cloud: What Are the Issues?", Commonweal Dec 5, 1986; 113:21 p. 646-648

[Abstract from electronic database]:George Speltz, Minnesota diocesan bishop, reacted in two ways to William Dorn, a member of the pastoral staff of Christ Church Newman Center in St Cloud MN who wrote an article entitled "How Should the Church Minister to Homosexuals?". The issue and the Catholic church attitude toward homosexuality are discussed in an editorial.

Steichen, Donna, Ungodly Rage: The Hidden Face of Catholic Feminism, (San Francisico: Ignatius, 1991)

Avicious and disgusting booke, issued by one of the Catholic right gutter-presses, which attempts at times to equate feminism with witchcraft. Steichen is willing to slur Catholic women with no evidence [for instance Sr. Elizabeth Johnson of Fordham University is simply included in Stiechen's lists with no comment as to what she did "wrong"]. Predictably attacks St. Jeannine Grammick, New Ways Ministry, (pp. 341ff), Mary Hunt and WATER (pp 343ff.).

Tuller, David, "New Country, Old Problems ", Advocate Aug 13, 1992; :609 p. 44-45

[Abstract from electonic database]: Gays and lesbians in Lithuania report that their situation may be getting worse instead of improving despite the new independence of the country. The reemergence of the Catholic Church may be the barrier. Gay rights in Lithuania are discussed.

Vanauken, Sheldon, "The undermining of friendship: homosexuality's hidden cost", Crisis 10:39-42 (Spring 1992)

Vidulich, Dorothy, "Vatican Strikes at Legal Protection for Gays ", National Catholic Reporter Jul 31, 1992; 28:35 p. 9

[Abstract from electonic database]: Many gays and lesbians have called a statement from the Vatican discriminatory toward them. This may result in the public revelation of names of gay Catholic bishops.

Woodward, Kenneth L, "Mixed blessings", Newsweek Aug 16, 1993; 122:7 p. 38-41

[Abstract from electronic database]:Pope John Paul II's visit to the US will be met with opposition to Catholic Church policies concerning abortion, birth control, women's equality and homosexuality. The disagreement of US Catholics with Church policy is discussed.

B: Other Christian

Anderson, William L, "Onward, Christian soldiers?", Reason Jan 1994; 25:8 p. 28-34

[Abstract from electronic database]:The Christian Coalition is risking offending its base membership by trying to attract new members. Executive director Ralph Reed says too much emphasis has been placed on abortion and homosexuality, and the organization must expand to other areas, including free trade, line-item veto and taxes.

Ard, Roger H. "Why the conservatives won in Miami", The Christian Century (August 3-10 1977), 94, 677-679

Armstrong, Herbert, The Missing Dimension in Sex, (Pasadena: Ambassador College Press, 1971)

Anti-gay views of founder of Worldwide Church of God (publishes the Plain Truth)

Bahnsen, Greg L., Homosexuality, a Biblical view, (Grand Rapids, Mich. : Baker Book House, 1978)

Reportedly a "standard" Evangelical account. Calls for criminal anctions against gays and legal discrimination in housing and employment.


Hunter, W. F., in Journal of Psychology and Theology 8 (Spring 1980), 81

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Bauer, Gary, "The American Church--Challenges for the 1990's: Family Challenges", Christian Herald Jan 1990; 113:1 p. 20-21

[Abstract from electronic database]:The 1990s will see a growing clamor for redefining "family" as "domestic partnerships" so homosexuals and unmarried homosexual couples can receive the same benefits as traditional families. A prominent Christian offers suggestions on ways the broken family can meet the challenge of restoring itself.

Brookheiser, Richard, "Are There Episcopalians in Foxholes?", National Review. Jul 29 1991 v 43:13, p.24

The Episcopal Church has everything-homosexual and women priests, the occasional Shinto shrine-but it is running out of people. Richard Brookhiser asks whether a church more anxious about niceness than sin can offer food for the soul.

Brown, Stephen, "Welcoming the sexually tempted", Christianity Today Apr 5, 1993; 37:4 p. 17

[Abstract from electronic database]:An editorial argues that Christians must hate the sin of homosexuality but still have love towards the homosexual, not hate. Christians need more grace from God to love those who don't know Christ as savior.

Bryant, Anita., The Anita Bryant Story, (Old Tappan, N.J. : Revell, 1977)

Bryant, Anita., At Any Cost, (Old Tappan, N.J. : Revell, 1978)

Account by the woman who began the anti-gay backlash with her attack on Dade County equal rights laws in 1977.

See Also: Cliff Jahr, "Anita Bryant's Startling Reversal", Ladies Home Journal 97 (December 1980), 60-68

Bauder, Thomas D.; others, "Homosexuality editorial", Christianity Today, 24 (May 23 1980), 6+

Beeson, Trevor, "Sexuality issues: no edifying debate", The Christian Century, 96 (November 21 1979), 1164-1165

Bull, Chris, "Christian Church rejects candidate over pro-gay views", Advocate: Dec 3, 1991; :591 p. 17

[Abstract from electronic database]:The selection of pro-gay biblical scholar Michael Kinnamon as president and general minister of the Christian Church was rejected by the denomination's general assembly. The decision is discussed.

Bull, Chris, "Reading, 'riting, and Robertson", Advocate: Jun 29, 1993; :632 p. 36-37

[Abstract from electronic database]:Three gay or lesbian candidates were elected to local school boards in New York City during May 1993 elections, much to the dismay of the Christian Coalition's Pat Robertson. It is said that the election results may advance acceptance of the multicultural Children of the Rainbow curriculum.

Cameron, Paul and Kenneth P. Ross, "Social Psychological Aspects of the Judeo-Christian Stance toward Homosexuality", Journal of Psychology and Theology 9 (1981), 40-57

Early articleb by a psychologist, later disbarred, who has become a mainstay of recent Radical Religious Right bile against gay people.

Chandler, Russell, "Christian activists help kill a California gay rights bill", Christianity Today, 28 No 7 p42 April 20 1984

"Christian right's set of strategies may obscure a more sinister goal Illustration ", National Catholic Reporter Mar 4, 1994; 30:18 p. 20

[Abstract from electronic database]:An editorial notes that the Christian rights battles on public issues may hide a hidden agenda. Library bashing and gay bashing may be strategies of domination.

Clendinen, Dudley, "The righteous stuff", Lear's May 1993; 6:3 p. 54-59+

[Abstract from electronic database]:Faith, family and community form an incendiary mix at the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Virginia Beach VA, fueling the battle against abortion, homosexuality and a so-called pagan president. The church's born-again fundamentalist Christian approach is discussed.

"Commendations on the investigative hearing on accusations against Bishop Wheatley", E/SA, 10 p2-3 July-August 1982

"Constitutional limits on anti-gay-rights initiatives", Harvard Law Review Jun 1993; 106:8 p. 1905-1925

[Abstract from electronic database]:In Nov 1992, Colorado voters approved Amendment Two, a measure promoted by right-wing, Christian fundamentalist groups that repealed existing gay-rights laws and banned all future such laws. It is argued that Amendment Two and similar measures violate the federal constitution.

Corley, Kathleen E.; Torjesen, Karen J., "Sexuality, hierarchy and Evangelicalism", TSF Bulletin, 10 p23-27 March-April 1987

Dallas, Julia, "Born Gay? How politics have skewed the debate over the biological causes of homosexuality" , Christianity Today. Jun. 22 1992 v 36:7, p. 20

Dann, Steve, "That Ye Be not Judged", Advocate: Aug 29, 1989; :532 p. 40-42

[Abstract from electronic database]:Letters between a gay man and his born-again Christian aunt are offered. Their differing views of life and love are discussed. S

Diamond, Sara, "Change in strategy", Humanist Jan 1994; 54:1 p. 34-36

[Abstract from electronic database]:Concerns over the Christian right's efforts to recruit new members outside of its traditional all-white base of support are examined. Central to the Christian right's new quest for racial diversity within its ranks is the drive to split gay-rights ", Advocates from their natural allies in communities of color.

Diamond, Sara, "Watch on the right: The Christian right's anti-gay agenda", Humanist Jul 1994; 54:4 p. 32-34

[Abstract from electronic database]:The Christian right's agenda for the Nov 1994 elections is discussed. Right-wing Christians are keeping gay-rights groups on the defensive by introducing ordinances and statutes that pre-empt existing antidiscrimination laws.

Dixon, John W., "Incompleteness in Homosexuality", The Living Church, July 24, 1994.

Duncan, Richard F, "Who Wants to Stop the Church: Homosexual Rights Legislation, Public Policy, and Religious Freedom", The Notre Dame Law Review. 1994 v 69:3, p.393

Flaell, Jerry, Listen America, (Garden City NY: Doubleday, 1980)

On homosexuality pp.181-86.

Faris, Donald L., Trojan horse : the homosexual ideology and the Christian church, (Burlington, Ont. : Welch Publishing, 1989)

Fleming, Richard, "The most christian coach in the land", Village Voice Dec 29, 1992; 37:52 p. 148-150+

[Abstract from electronic database]:Bill McCartney, head coach of the University of Colorado football team, has repeatedly declared that homosexuality is an abomination. McCartney's religious fervor is discussed.

Frame, Randy, "Christians Discover All Politics Is Local Illustration", Christianity Today Dec 14, 1992; 36:15 p. 50

[Abstract from electronic database]:The top political issues of the church in 1992 are discussed. Efforts to address homosexuality and the church/state debate ranked among the top issues.

"Gay Clout Assailed", Christianity Today Mar 5, 1990; 34:4 p. 36

[Abstract from electronic database]:Rep William Dannemeyer has assailed the homosexual community for launching an assault on traditional family values. Dannemeyer urges the Christian community to fight the growing political homosexual clout.

Gay, Craig M, "The Rise and Fall of the New Christian Right ", American Journal of Sociology Jan 1990; 95:4 p. 1107-1109

[Abstract from electronic database]:Craig Gay reviews "The Rise and Fall of the New Christian Right: Conservative Protestant Politics in", America, 1978-1988," by Steve Bruce. NAMES: Bruce, Steve

Gowers, Mark, "Homophobia as a Family Value?", Christopher Street Apr 27, 1992; :177 p. 11-12

[Abstract from electronic database]:The way that right wing groups such as the Traditional Values Coalition promote a family values message filled with homophobia is discussed. Listening to those who espouse homophobia as a "family value" assures only one thing: straight kids will be raised as bigots, and gay kids will grow up to hate themselves.

Goldberg, Steven, "Is Homosexuality Normal", Policy Review 21 (1982), 119-38

Tries to argue that "abnormality" is fine as a judgemental concept. A Seculae backlash.

Haffner, Debra W, "My Family Values", SIECUS Report Aug 1992; 20:6 p. 12

[Abstract from electronic database]:Many who claim to be Christian and pro-family express hatred and intolerance toward people with family values that differ from theirs. Anti-abortion, anti-homosexuality and anti-sexuality education forces must not be allowed to define the dialogue on family values.

Hardesty, Nancy A, "Evangelical Women Face Their Homophobia", Christian Century Sep 10, 1986; 103:26 p. 768

[Abstract from electronic database]:An editorial discusses the recent meeting of the Evangelical Women's Caucus International--a controversial meeting at which the members took a pro-gay rights stance.

Hays, Charlotte, "Chaplains back ban on gays in the armed forces", Register 68:1+ S 13 1992

Herman, Didi, "The Christian right and the politics of morality in Canada", Parliamentary Affairs Apr 1994; 47:2 p. 269-279

[Abstract from electronic database]:Liberalism has dominated public debate and policy concerning such issues as abortion, education, public health and homosexuality in Canada. Right-wing Christian groups and their role in Canadian abortion and homosexuality issues are discussed.

Hoffman, Martin, The Gay World: The Social Creation of Evil, (New York: Bantam, 1969)

Hunt, Scott A, "American Christendom and Gay Rights", Christopher Street Sep 30, 1991; 14:6 p. 22-25

[Abstract from electronic database]:Homosexuality and the Christian church in the US are discussed. The power of the Christian faith in the US contributed greatly to the promulgation of the laws and social attitudes against homosexuality in the critical period of the creation of the US.

Johnson, Barbara F. Where Does a Mother Go To Resign, (Minneapolis: Bethany Fellowship, 1979)

Anti-gay statement by some poor kid's parent.

Jones, Arthur, "Christians want right books in libraries ", National Catholic Reporter Mar 4, 1994; 30:18 p. 5

[Abstract from electronic database]:Fairfax County VA's library system has purchased over 100 books that offer the conservative Christian perspective that homosexuality can be cured. Christian activists had suggest the acquisition.

Jones, Arthur, "Christian right sees Clinton as top target", National Catholic Reporter Mar 4, 1994; 30:18 p. 6

[Abstract from electronic database]:Pres Clinton has placed himself in opposition to conservative Christians who disagree with many of his pro-gay policies. The Christian Coalition is prepared to fight many of Clinton's policies.

Jones, Stanton L, "Homosexuality According to Science Illustration", Christianity Today Aug 18, 1989; 33:11 p. 26-29

[Abstract from electronic database]:Recent research in the area of homosexuality is examined in order to better understand Christianity's current position on the issue and how that position might have to be altered.

Kirk, Jerry R., The Homosexual Crisis In The Mainline Church : A Presbyterian Minister Speaks Out, (Nashville : T. Nelson Inc., 1978)

Kirkpatrick, Curry, "Devilishly Different", Sports Illustrated Nov 25, 1991; 75:23 p. 62-73

[Abstract from electronic database]:Duke Blue Devils' Christian Laettner combines good looks with a hunger for competition and attention that has created some bizarre rumors about him. Laettner enjoys the notoriety, and admits to having started the talk about his being gay as a joke to startle some football players.

Koskela, Roger, "San Jose voters rally to defeat gay rights measure", Christianity Today 24 p57+ June 27 1980

La Haye, The Unhappy Gays: What Everyone Should Know About Homosexuality, (Wheaton IL: Tyndale House, 1978)

Includes a plan for overcoming homosexuality!

Levin, Michael, "Why Homosexuality is Abnormal", The Monist 67 (1984), 1251-83

Tries to argue that homosexuality is a misuse of bodily parts. Perhaps he also opposes typing?

Lovelace, Richard F., Homosexuality and the Church, (Old Tappan, N.J. : F. H. Revell, 1978)

Martz, Larry, "Trouble on the Far Right", Newsweek Apr 14, 1986; 107:15 p. 24-25

[Abstract from electronic database]:Enemies ranging from gay activists to Norman Lear's People for the", American Way are scoring hits on evangelical politicians. Organizations such as the Christian Broadcasting Network and the", American Coalition for Traditional Values are making budget cuts and becoming more commercial.

Maudlin, Michael G., "John Stott Speaks Out.", Christianity Today, Feb. 08 1993 v 37:2, p.37

The evangelical elder statesman talks about Third World Christians, Charismatics, gender roles, and homosexuality.

McGraw, James R., "Anita and the gays", Christianity and Crisis 37 p147-149 June 27 1977

McNaught, Brian, "Welcome home, Anita", The Witness 64 p8-9 February 1981

Minkowitz, Donna, "The Christian right's antigay campaign", Christianity & Crisis Apr 12, 1993; 53:4 p. 99-104

[Abstract from electronic database]:Although the Clinton Administration appears to support the gay rights movement, its enemies are organized to an unprecedented degree on the state and local levels. The political tactics of Pat Robertson's right-wing Christian Coalition are discussed.

Mooney, Carolyn J, "Attack on homosexuality angers divinity students", Chronicle of Higher Education May 11, 1994; 40:36 p. A38

[Abstract from electronic database]:Yale University's Divinity School associate dean Philip Turner was among 21 Christian and Jewish scholars who signed a statement condemning homosexuality. This has prompted anger among gay-rights groups and some divinity school students.

Morris, Paul, Shadow of Sodom: Homosexuality and the Church, (Wheaton IL: Tyndale House, 1978)

Nash, Ian, "Sex Is not Safe in the Classroom", Times Educational Supplement Dec 6, 1991; :3936 p. 6

[Abstract from electronic database]:Christian fundamentalists are pressuring schools to restrict sex education, especially anything to do with AIDS and homosexuality.

"NEA Seeks Dialogue", Christian Century Jul 29, 1992; 109:23 p. 708

[Abstract from electronic database]:Anne-Imelda Radice, acting chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), is seeking to establish a dialogue with Christian leaders who are seeking the NEA's abolition. Christian groups have denounced the NEA for making grants to artists whose work they consider blasphemous or pro-homosexual.

Nickel, Jeffrey, "On pseudo family values", Christopher Street Sep 14, 1992; :187 p. 7-9

[Abstract from electronic database]:Despite the fact that Republicans profess "family values," their attitudes toward gays have been perverted into an atmosphere in which gay children can see absolutely no future for themselves. The homophobia of the conservatives is discussed.

North, William, "Wisconsin boys ranch says no to hiring homosexuals", Christianity Today 31 p48 March 6 1987

Peterson, Robert W, "Blinded by Christian science?", Advocate: Apr 10, 1990; :548 p. 14

[Abstract from electronic database]:Officials at the Christian Science Church's publishing company promised not to discriminate against gay employees of their "Monitor Radio" public radio news program, but they would not say whether the promise will apply at the church's other media properties. The promise seems to end a long battle between gay

Philpott, Kent., The Gay Theology, (Plainfield, N.J. : Logos International, 1977)

Testimonies from people who supposedly changed their homosexuality.

Piccone, Paul, "The actuality of traditions", Telos Winter 1992; :94 p. 89-102

[Abstract from electronic database]:The "new politics" that have emerged since the 1960s are discussed. Radical gay politics is only a part of a broader and tendentially totalitarian phenomenon expressed in the resurgence of Christian and Muslim fundamentalism as well as various nationalisms.

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[Abstract from electronic database]:In the US, persecution of Christians comes from verbal attacks of homosexual and lesbian communities, radical civil libertarians, the pornography industry, TV and film industries and the political left. The ACLU's position on sex education and anti-Christian litigation are discussed.

"Ralph Reed" Meet the Press Nov 29, 1992; 92 p. 1-13

[Abstract from electronic database]:Tim Russert, David Broder and Albert Hunt interview Ralph Reed, executive director of the Christian Coalition, about whether the organization is political or religious, the role religion plays in US politics and the organization's position on homosexual rights.

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Surveys the mood at the Southern Baptist Convention, which enacted its first nonfinancial test of membership when it voted to exclude churches that endorse homosexual behavior",

"Religious right rallies for gay-rights battles", Christianity Today 35 p38-39 July 22 1991

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Description of tapes of a radical religious right convention held in Colorado in Mayy 1994 with a specific anti-gay agenda.

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Written by a lay advertizing executive.

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Complains of acceptance of gays in Jamaica! Odd because this remains one of the most homophobic of countries.

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[Abstract from electronic database]:In Oregon, a measure to prohibit government from promoting homosexuality has voters on both sides saying individual rights are at stake. The battle that has ensued over the referendum's passage or defeat by both gay rights activists and Christian fundamentalists is discussed.

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Looks ta 1975 conflict in Bloomington IN over a gay rights law.

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[Abstract from electronic database]:Christians do a disservice to homosexuals if they condone their lifestyles. The church should not focus solely on acceptance of the person without recognizing the sinfulness of his or her behavior.

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[Abstract from electronic database]:The growing political power of the Christian Coalition, a conservative group that is trying to force a halt to what it sees as a militant homosexual agenda and the decline of traditional morality, is discussed. Though it claims tax-exempt status as a religious-education organization, its critics argue that its political-training seminars, fund-raising techniques and support

Tapia, Andres, "Homosexuality debate strains campus harmony", Christianity Today Nov 22, 1993; 37:14 p. 38-40

[Abstract from electronic database]:Christian college campuses have become the setting for a struggle over homosexuality, involving free-speech rights, academic freedom and theological beliefs.

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This is an item in University of London catalog, but with no more info.

"UMC Evangelicals Dissent", Christian Century Feb 5, 1992; 109:5 p. 120

[Abstract from electronic database]:The gap between evangelicals and liberals in US Protestant churches shows no signs of closing. A group of prominent United Methodist evangelicals recently issued a statement on Christian sexual morality that specifically condemns homosexuality.

"UMC on Homosexuality", Christian Century May 20, 1992; 109:18 p. 536-537

[Abstract from electronic database]:At its quadrennial meeting in Louisville KY recently, the governing body of the United Methodist Church has reaffirmed that the practice of homosexuality is "incompatible with Christian teaching."

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[Abstract from electronic database]:An editorial challenges military chaplains' support of Pres Clinton's proposal to lift the ban on homosexuals who want to serve in the military. Homosexuality is morally wrong, and it is not homophobic or discriminatory to say so.

White, Gayle, "Episcopalians Stand Pat on Homosexuality", The Christian Century, 108:23 (Aug7 1991), 740-

Summary: After intense debate on issues relating to homosexuality--including ordination of gay people and blessing of same-sex unions--the Episcopalians at their General Convention in Phoenix largely reaffirmed the ambiguous status quo.

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Pp. 105-39 on his (regretted) gay past.

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Looks at religious right lies. See esp 36-54, and 132-52 on gay issues.

C: Secular Gay Political Activity Against the Religious Right

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[Abstract from electronic database]:Controversy over the airing of "Tongues Untied," a program about black homosexuals, has caused the PBS documentary series "P.O.V." to drop plans to air "Stop the Church," a program criticizing the Roman Catholic Church.

Brown, Rich, "P.O.V. Gets More Money, More Flak", Broadcasting Nov 18, 1991; 121:21 p. 26-31

[Abstract from electronic database]:The controversial documentary series "P.O.V." has received two large grants that will enable the program to continue despite outcry from many sectors against the subjects it portrays. The show has dealt with homosexuality in the black community and has criticized the Catholic Church.

Buckley, William F Jr, "Mayor Dinkins's discovery" National Review Feb 15, 1993; 45:3 p. 63

[Abstract from electonic database]: New York City mayor David Dinkins' decision to permit a gay and lesbian group to march in a parade sponsored by a Catholic organization sparked a lot of controversy. Reasons why this was a politically and morally wrong move on the mayor's part are discussed.

Bull, Chris, "Mass Action: A Raucous Disruption at St. Patrick's Cathedral Divides New York Gays ", Advocate Jan 16, 1990; :542 p. 6-10

[Abstract from electonic database]: The US's largest AIDS demonstration was staged in front of St Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan NY to protest Roman Catholic Cardinal John O'Connor's opposition to gay rights, abortion and AIDS eduction. The events leading up to the demonstration and

Crimp, Douglas and Adam Rolston, AIDS Demo Graphics, (Seattle: Bay Press, 1990)

Ostensibly a discussion of ACT UP's graphics, in reality a short history of ACT UP/NY demonstrations 1987-1990. Includes a chapter (pp 130-141) on the 1989 "Stop the Church" demonstration directed against Cardinal O'Connor.

Cunneen, Joseph, "'Stop the Church,' on ACT-UP Stoppage, Stopped by PBS", National Catholic Reporter Aug 30, 1991; 27:38 p. 15

[Abstract from electronic database]:Cunneen reviews the documentary "Stop the Church," directed by Robert Hilferty, a controversial film that will probably be shown on PBS depsite being canceled the first time around.

Dawson, Robert, "Report from Boston Cathedral: Act-Up Acts Out--Crossing the 'Revulsion Threshold'", Commonweal Sep 14, 1990; 117:15 p. 476-477

[Abstract from electonic database]: ACT-UP's protest against the ordination of Cardinal Bernard Law at Boston MA's Holy Cross Cathedral is discussed. ACT-UP says it was protesting Law's anti-gay policies, but it was actually attacking Catholicism itself.

Gallagher, John, "Greeted with a yawn", Advocate: Sep 21, 1993; :638 p. 24-27

[Abstract from electronic database]:Few gay rights protesters showed up in Denver when Pres Clinton meet Pope John Paul II. Several groups were expected, but they failed to show up.

Gibeau, Dawn, "Pope to meet thousands of youths in Denver", National Catholic Reporter Mar 19, 1993; 29:20 p. 10

[Abstract from electronic database]:Pope John Paul II will join thousands of young people in Denver for World Youth Day in Aug 1993, despite a plea by gay-rights organizations to boycott Colorado. Several events that will take place on World Youth Day and plans for funding them are discussed.

Kenkelen, Bill, "Protesting Gay Activists Up the Anti ", National Catholic Reporter Dec 22, 1989; 26:10 p. 3-4

[Abstract from electonic database]: Protest actions against the Catholic church were simultaneously held in Los Angeles, New York City and Washington DC by gay activists on Dec 10, 1989. These protests were sparked by the US bishops' refusal to endorse dissemination of information about the role of condoms in preventing AIDS transmission.

Peterson, Robert W, "Seattle is split over "kiss-in" that went wild", Advocate: Oct 9, 1990; :561 p. 20

[Abstract from electronic database]:A lighthearted "kiss-in" protest by gays and lesbians in Seattle sparked a weeks-long debate about tactics used among Seattle's gay and lesbian activists. The protest, aimed at members of the fundamentalist Christian youth group Go '90, is discussed.

Rapp, Sandy ,God's Country: A Case Against Theocracy
A grassroots gay/lesbian and women's rights activist attacks with spleen and wit the Fundamentalists and their political organizations that are forever using their own views to denigrate and suppress gays and women/lesbians. She constantly is at odds with the "gender/politics" and "sexism dignified by religion.

Unsworth, Tim, "Irish gays busy dodging croziers and shillelaghs", National Catholic Reporter Apr 23, 1993; 29:25 p. 16

[Abstract from electronic database]:The trials of being an Irish Catholic homosexual are discussed. The Irish Lesbian and Gay Organization was founded in 1988 to promote community among Irish homosexuals.

Woods, Chris, "Activists exorcise Church of England", Advocate: Sep 24, 1991; :586 p. 51

[Abstract from electronic database]:Gay and lesbian protesters calling themselves the Whores of Babylon, an affinity group of OutRage, staged a mock exorcism of evil spirits outside the ancestral home of the archbishop of Canterbury to expel the demon of homophobia. The group was set up to battle religious homophobia and has mainly targeted the Church of England.


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