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Homosexuality and Catholicism Bibliography:
Section XII: Christianity and AIDS

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"Consulting Stephen's Experience: Pastoral Care of Homosexuals", America Nov 22, 1986; 155:15 p. 313-314
[Abstract from electronic database]:An editorial discussing pastoral care and the role of the church in the life of homosexuals with AIDS is presented. SUBJT: Christianity ; Acquired immune deficiency syndrome ; AIDS ; Homosexuality

"Filipinos battle church, ignorance to fight AIDS", : Health Works--CNN Dec 4, 1993; TV Program :197 p. --
[Abstract from electronic database]:The Roman Catholic Church is adamant in its opposition to the Philippine government's attempts to educate its people on AIDS prevention. The Church strongly stands against the use of condoms, a key to safe sex.

"Forty Hours", U.S. Catholic, Nov 1 1989 v 54:11 , p.20
By night and by day parishioners of one San Francisco parish pray for an end to the AIDS epidemic. A new look at an old devotion with text by Tom McGrath and drawings by Franklin McMahon.

"How to heal a church with AIDS, " U.S. Catholic, Jan 1 1990 v 55: 1, p. 18
When people ask Lou Tesconi how he got AIDS, he tells them. But first he tells them a thing or two about judgment. The editors interview the founder of Damien Ministries.

"On Reading Documents and Making Distinctions", America Feb 13, 1988; 158:6 p. 131
[Abstract from electronic database]:An editorial addresses the need to read documents carefully to avoid confusing the church's stand on one issue with its stand on another. Particular reference is given to recent statements on AIDS and on homosexuality.

"One of Our Own: One Man's Struggle with AIDS", Christianity Today Feb 3, 1989; 33:2 p. 56
[Abstract from electronic database]:Scott Cox, a Christian who is gay and a former IV drug user, has tested positive for the human immuno-deficiency virus (HIV). His comments on AIDS are featured in an interview.

"The church's response to AIDS: is compassion waning in light of a so-called gay disease", Christianity Today, 29 No 17 p50-51 November 22 1985

Adams, Sandra C., AIDS and the Black church, "May 1989." Thesis (M.S.W.)--Southern Connecticut State University, 1989. (Ann Arbor, MI : University Microfilms International, 1989)

AIDS Ministry Program, the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. For those we love : a spiritual perspective on AIDS, 2nd ed., expanded. (Cleveland, Ohio : Pilgrim Press, 1991)

AIDS Ministry Program of the Catholic Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, For Those We Love: A Spiritual Perspective on AIDS; AIDS Ministry Program
Produced by the, this book can be used as a handbook or a sourcebook by the caregiver or the person with AIDS. It provides a composite of reflections, prayers, and thoughts that may nurture faith.

Amos, William E., When AIDS comes to church, (Philadelphia: Westminster Press, c1988)
Based on personal experiences, this book describes how a pastor and his church responded when AIDS did in fact come into their congregation. This book deals with the inner preparation, both educational and emotional, that is required if pastors and congregations are going to minister effectively to persons with AIDS and their families.

Arpin, Robert L., Wonderfully, fearfully made : letters on living with hope, teaching understanding, and ministering with love, from a gay Catholic priest with AIDS, (San Francisco:: HarperSanFrancisco,1993).
Fr. Arpin died in May 1995.

Arterburn, Jerry; Arterburn, Steve, "How Will I Tell My Mother: A True Story of One Man's Battle with Homosexuality and AIDS", reviewed by Higgins, Raymond E, II. in Southwestern Journal of Theology 31 (Summer 1989), 73

Arterburn, Jerry, How will I tell my mother?, Rev. and expanded ed., (Nashville : Oliver-Nelson, 1990, 1988)

Barnet, Robert J., "A Catholic Doctor Looks at AIDS in the U.S.A.", America, Feb 6 1993 v 168:4 , p. 6

Bayer, Ronald, "Gays and the stigma of bad blood", The Hastings Center Report 13 (April 1983), 5-7
ABSTRACT: In 1982 public health officials became concerned that the deadly diseases associated with AIDS--Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome--could be transmitted unwittingly through blood donations. Hemophiliacs were also concerned because of the potential contamination of Factor VIII taken to aid in clotting. Gays--suffering the greatest impact of AIDS--feared that this issue would be used to stigmatize their community. This article traces the controversy that surrounded efforts to bar blood donations by gay men. It concludes with a discussion of the proposed guidelines on blood donations issued in March 1983 by the Public Health Service.

Berrigan, Daniel , Sorrow Built a Bridge: Friendship and AIDS

Blumenfield, Warren J. and Scott W. Alexander, AIDS and Your Religious Community: A Hands-On Guide
Designed for anyone considering AIDS ministry, this guide offers detailed information on social action issues, features profiles of 27 working models---from monthly suppers to pastoral care---, plus tips on community needs assessment, program planning, and volunteer management.

Bohne, John, "AIDS: ministry issues for chaplains", Pastoral Psychology, 34 No 3, 173-192 Spring 1986

Bonneau , Normand, AIDS And Faith, (Ottawa : Novalis, 1993)

Callen, Michael. Surviving Aids, (New York: HarperCollins, 1990, pb New York: HarperPerennial, 1991)
Book by a long term AIDS survivor [died 1994], which disscusses the importance of spirituality in the lives of those with AIDS.

Cherry, Kittredge; Mitulski, James, "We are the church alive, the church with AIDS:, The Christian Century, 105 p85-88 January 27 1988

Christensen, Michael J, Samaritan's Imperative: Compassionate Ministry to People Living with AIDS
A complete guide to serving individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS, the book also sensitively and affirmatively advocates including---without judgement---gays in the Body of Christ. Aren't those Methodists just the nicest people!

Churches speak on: Aids: official statements from religious bodies and ecumenical organizations, Detroit: Gale Research Inc., 1989.

Ciannella, Domenic K., "Requiem for an AIDS Victim", The Witness, 68 No 9 p10-11 September 1985

Clark, J. Michael, "AIDS, death, and God: gay liberational theology and the problem of suffering", The Journal of Pastoral Counseling, 21 No 1 p40-54, Spring-Summer 1986

Clark, J. Michael, "Special considerations in pastoral care of gay persons with AIDS", The Journal of Pastoral Counseling, 22:1 p32-45 1987

Cockrum, Peggy L., "AIDS: an issue for the church", Austin Seminary Bulletin: Faculty Edition, 105 p3-64 Fall 1989
Contents: Introduction by Jack L Stotts. One congregation's response ability to persons with AIDS, by H Tyas. AIDS: the church's response, by R H Sunderland. Keeping our nerve: AIDS and the doctrine of sin, by A E Lewis. Reflections on the ethics of AIDS, by I Garcia. Hope for the sick, segregation for the unclean: medieval Christian attitudes toward victims of plague and leprosy, by E L Babibsky. AIDS: the disease and our young people--how can the people of faith respond? by J E Holper.

Coleman, Gerald D, "Can a Person With AIDS Marry in the Catholic Church?", The jurist, 1989 v 49:1, p. 258

Collum, Danny, "Addressing the AIDS crisis", Sojourners, 15 No 2 p6 February 1986

Consejo Episcopal Latinoamericano, Consejo Episcopal Latinoamericano SIDA, - (Bogota : Seccisn de Pastoral Familiar, 1989). (Coleccisn Documentos CELAM ; 110)
Papers of a conference organized by CELAM, and held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 1988. -

Cosstick, Vicky, "Speaking personally: four people with Aids", in AIDS: meeting the community challenge; ed by V Cosstick 1987 p45-52

Costick, Vicky, ed., AIDS: Meeting the Community Challenge, (Slough, England: St. Paul Publications, 1987)

Cotter, Jim, Healing - More or Less, (Sheffield: Cairns Publications, 1987)

Crowther, Colin E., AIDS ; a Christian handbook, (London : Epworth, 1991)

Cullen, Trevor, AIDS, a Christian response, (Malawi? : s.n., 1991? (Balaka, Malawi : Montfort Missionaries)

Dobbels, William Josef , Epistle of Comfort: Scriptural Meditations and Passages for a Person with AIDS

Drane, James F., "Condoms, AIDS and Catholic ethics", Commonweal. Mar 22 1991 v 118:6 , p. 188

Flynn, Eileen P., AIDS : a Catholic Call for Compassion, (Kansas City, MO : Sheed & Ward, 1985)

Fortunato, John E., "AIDS: the plague that lays waste at noon", The Witness 68 No 9 p6-9 September 1985

Fortunato, John, AIDS: The Spiritual Dilemma, (San Francisico: Harper and Row, 1987)

Franks, Kent and others, "Exploration of death anxiety as a function of religious variables in gay men with and without AIDS", Omega 22:1: 43-50 1990-1991

Frew, Randolph Lloyd, Praying with HIV/AIDS: Collects, Prayers and Litanies in a Time of Crisis, (Cincinnati: Forward Movement, 199?)

Fumento, Michael., "The myth of heterosexual AIDS: the hazard of using misinformation to restore morality", Christianity and Crisis 6:34-5 October 1988

Gallagher, Joseph, Voices of Strength and Hope for a Friend with AIDS
Father Joseph Gallagher, a Catholic priest who has served as hospital chaplain and as a volunteer "buddy" for AIDS patients, offers a book to bring consolation and peace, serenity and acceptance to those suffering from AIDS.

Glaser, Chris, "AIDS and A-bomb disease: facing a special death", Christianity and Crisis 47 p311-314 September 28 1987

Goodhue, Tom, "Parting glances, directed by B Sherwood", The Other Side 22 No 5 p60 June 1986

Grummon, Panels of Love
A man diagnosed with AIDS turns to art and spirituality to transcend his suffering, and give the world his personal statement of faith and love.

Hallman, David G, AIDS Issues: Confronting the Challenge
The material was drawn from the proceeding of an international consultation of 150 theologian, social ethicists, PWA's, healthcare professionals and others sponsored by the World Council of Churches, the National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. and the Canadian Council of Churches. What is discussed herein are the social consequences of AIDS, Illness and health, and sexuality. The purpose stated is to have a caring theological response to the AIDS crisis and to promote education and guide for ministering to PWA's.

Hawkins, Richard T., "AIDS ministry: curing the sickness of homophobia", The Witness 71 p19-21 March 1988

Howell, Leon, "Churches and AIDS: responsibilities in mission", Christianity and Crisis 45 p483-484 December 9 1985

Iles, Robert H., The Gospel imperative in the midst of AIDS, (Wilton, Conn. : Morehouse Pub., 1989)

Jarvis, Debra, Journey Through AIDS: A Guide for Loved Ones and Caregivers
A compassionate and practical guide for everyone caring for a loved one with AIDS. Jarvis, hospital chaplain, brings years of counseling and speaking experience to the subject of caring for people with AIDS. Offering practical advice and resources in a nondenominational manner.

Jarvis, Debra, HIV Positive
A spiritual yet nondenominational meditation book for those coping with the experiences of being HIV positive. Includes words of wisdom from the author and others who are HIV positive.

Kavar, Louis F, Pastoral Ministry in the AIDS Era
Kavar is Project Coordinator of Lazarus Ministries, a special work of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches' Mid-Atlantic District. Lazarus Ministries provides residential programs for people with AIDS, and congregationally based training for lay ministers in a six state area.

Kavar, Louis F., Families Remembered: Pastoral Support for Friends and Families living with HIV/AIDS, (Gaithersburg MD : Chi Rho Press, 199?)
This is a much expanded second edition of Pastoral Minsitry in the AIDS Era, (College of Chaplains, 1988)

Kavar, Louis F., Living With Loss: Experienceing Bereavment, with Special Attention to HIV/AIDS, (Gaithersburg MD : Chi Rho Press, 199?)

Kavar, Louis F., To Celebrate and Mourn: Liturgical Resources for Worshipping Communities Living with AIDS, (Gaithersburg MD: Chi Rho Press, 1989)

Kayal, Philip M., ""Morals," medicine, and the AIDS epidemic", Journal of Religion and Health 24 p218-238 Fall 1985
ABSTRACT: It is the assumption of this article that when the etiology of an illness is framed in a "moral" language and the illness in question affects religiously stigmatized and legally proscribed minorities, the victims of the illness will be blamed for their ill health. Evidence is given of the connection between moralizing about a medical issue and the response of the medical establishment. The role of religion in the definition and interpretation of AIDS is emphasized as well as its effects on gay people and gay life. A political analysis of AIDS and its assumed causes is also given. These homophobic explanations are viewed as attempts to disenfranchise and discredit gay life further. Responsibility for containing AIDS is discussed in the context of "brokenness" between and among gay people. "Healing" is given as a necessary solution. [j].

Kenkelen, Bill, "Sister Rises Above New York Homophobia", National Catholic Reporter Jun 30, 1989; 25:34 p. 14
[Abstract from electronic database]:Patrice Murphy is a nun living in New York City whose work with AIDS patients has gone a long way in dispelling some of the myths associated with the disease. Murphy and her work are profiled.

Kirkpatrick, Bill, AIDS: Haring the Pain: Pastoral Guidelines, (LondonL Darton, Longman and Todd, 1988)

Koch, Kurt, 1950-, AIDS, eine traurige Chance? : christlich-ethische Orientierungen, (Freiburg Switzerland : Kanisius, 1987)9

Koop, C. Everett, "Addressing the AIDS threat", Christianity Today 29 No 17 p52 November 22 1985
Contains: interview with US Surgeon General C E Koop

Kowaleski, Mark R., "The AIDS crisis: legitimation of homophobia or catalyst for change?" in Homophobia and the Judaeo-Christian tradition; ed by M Stemmeler, 1990 p147-163

Kowaleski, Mark, All Things to All People: The Catholic Church Confronts the AIDS Crisis, (?: SUNY Press, 1994)
A sociological and theological look at Catholic responses to AIDS. He points out how local pastoral care has the ironic effect of legitimizing higher power structures.

Lebacqz, Karen; Blake, Deborah, "Safe sex and lost love", Religious Education 83 p201-210 Spring 1988

Levine, Carol (ed.) ; Bermel, Joyce (ed.), AIDS: the emerging ethical dilemma: The Hastings Center Report 15 No 4 p1-32 August 1985
Contents: Introduction, by A S Relman. AIDS: the challenge to science and medicine, by M Krim. Screening blood: public health and medical uncertainty, by C Levine and R Bayer. The epidemiological investigation of AIDS, by K H Mayer. Clinical care and research in AIDS, by P Volberding and D Abrams. AIDS and the threat to public health, by M F Silverman and D B Silverman. AIDS: public policy and biomedical research, by S Panem. Public education on AIDS: not only the media's responsibility, by W Check. Selected bibliography.

Levine, Carol (ed.) ; Bermel, Joyce (ed.), AIDS: public health and civil liberties, The Hastings Center Report 16 No 6 p1-36 1986

Long, Ronald E., AIDS, God, and faith : continuing the dialogue on constructing gay theology, (Las Colinas, TX : Monument Press, 1992)
A masterful insight into the issues of AIDS and religious faith details the intimate relationship of the PWA with his or her God. Supplemental Vol. 2 to the Gay Men's Issues in religious studies series.

Lynne (pseud.)., "Are You Having Trouble Understanding Them", Body Positive (August 1994), 22-23
A young straight woman with HIV is attracted by the seeming welcome of a Jehovah's Witness Church, but then describes the "attacks" she feels at the "religious" attitude of the group becomes more apparent.

Marty, Martin E., "Tears", Christian Century Nov 30, 1988; 105:36 p. 1111
[Abstract from electronic database]:A commentary expresses hope that the christian church will eventually learn to understand and embrace homosexuals dying of AIDS rather than shunning them.

McGehee, H. Coleman, Jr., "AIDS: what is our response", The Witness 68 No 8 p4 August 1985

Mills, Bruce L., "Fear and passion: a psychological reflection on the construction of homophobia in the context of AIDS", in Homophobia and the Judaeo-Christian tradition; ed by M Stemmeler 1990 p165-187

National Conference of Catholic Bishops, Called to compassion and responsibility : a response to the HIV/AIDS crisis, (Washington, D.C.: United States Catholic Conference, 1989)

Nel, Francois Pierre, "AIDS agency's board would mask gay role, North Carolinians say ", Advocate Aug 13, 1991; :583 p. 19
[Abstract from electonic database]: A brouhaha focuses on a Roman Catholic nun's leadership of a Charlotte NC AIDS services group. The city's gays and lesbians feel the board is trying to downplay the role that gay men play in the group.

Nelson, James B., "Responding to, learning from AIDS", Christianity and Crisis 46 No 8 p176-181 May 19 1986

Nothing Can Separate Us from the Love of God: Help From the Scriptures for Coping With AIDS, (New York: American Bible Society, 199?)

Nugent, Robert, Prayer Journey For Persons With AIDS

Ostling, Richard N, "The Bishops' Split on AIDS" Time Dec 28, 1987; 130:26 p. 64
[Abstract from electronic database]:US Catholic bishops released a position paper on AIDS. Conservatives and liberals debated issues of condom use and homosexuality. SUBJT: Acquired immune deficiency syndrome ; AIDS ; Christianity ; Birth control ; Condoms ; Homosexuality ; Clergy

Overbers, Kenneth, AIDS, Ethics and Religion: Embracing a World of Suffering;
Carefully selected articles and essays by those on the front lines: doctors, pastoral ministers, scientists and specialists, who clearly state the challenges and emphasize the requirements for medical, social, and religious ministry.

Perelli, Robert J., 'Family system heory and the family with AIDS" ; Perelli, Robert J, Andover Newton Theological School 1989
ABSTRACT: Project directors: J Earl Thompson, Jr and Henry C Brooks. This project is comprised of three basic parts. The first is a survey of literature illustrating how the AIDS crisis constellates an overwhelming array of psychosocial stressors on the person infected by HIV and his or her's "family of origin" and "family of choice". The second applies three tenets of family systems theory (Bowen theory) and shows how it is an effective and appropriate mode of intervention into the "family" with AIDS. The last section is an analysis of the resulting "double-bind" message to the homosexual community.

Perelli, Robert J, Ministry to Persons With AIDS: A Family Systems Approach
Perelli describes the key role that the pastoral counselor or caregiver can play in ministry to persons with AIDS and their families. He describes family systems theory & shows how it is particularly effective for counseling.

Perry, Shireen, In sickness and in health. His name was Mark : a story of love in the shadow of AIDS, (Leicester, England : Frameworks, 1990; orig. pub.Downers Grove, Ill. : Intervarsity Press, 1989)

Pieters, Stephen, I Am Still Dancing: A Gay Man's Health Experience, (Gaithersburg MD: Chi-Rho Press, 1994)
By a Metropolitan COmmunity Church minister.

Porter, David, "AIDS Epidemic Grows, But Is The Church Ready?", Christianity Today Feb 17, 1989; 33:3 p. 42
[Abstract from electronic database]:Churches are advised to prepare to deal with an increasing number of AIDS cases despite reports that the spread of the disease is leveling off.

Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference: to live: why? AIDS : Church and health in the world., November 13-15, 1989, Vatican City Synod Hall / organized by the Pontifical Council for Pastoral Assistance to Health Care Workers. (Vatican City : Vatican Polyglot Press, 1990), pecial issue of Dolentium hominum no. 13 (5th year, no. 1, 1990).

Quinn, John R, "The AIDS Crisis: A Pastoral Response Illustration", America Jun 21, 1986; 154:24 p. 504-506
[Abstract from electronic database]:The role of the Catholic clergy as counselors and confidants for AIDS patients is discussed. The AIDS problem evokes a theological conflict between the necessity for Christian compassion and the Church's traditional condemnation of homosexuality.

Reed, Paul, Serenity: Challenging the Fear of AIDS 2nd edition
Reed presents a realistic and comforting approach to confronting the realities of AIDS, a difficult and taxing challenge. SERENITY offers coping strategies that can help anyone who is struggling to find peace of mind, mental energy and emotional balance in the midst of the pain and anguish that living with the AIDS epidemic can bring.

Rodriguez, Richard. "Late Victorians: San Francisco, AIDS, and the homosexual stereotype", Harper's 281 (October 1990), 57-66

Rueda, Enrique T. and Michael Schwartz, Gays, AIDS, and You, (Old Greenwich, Conn. : Devin-Adair Co., c1987)
Rueda is a notably antigay Catholic priest [his other book is long expose called The Homosexual Network]

Russell, Letty M., ed., The Church with AIDS: Renewel in the Midst of Crisis, (1991)
Towne, Edgar A, Encounter Spring 1991; 52:2 p. 219-220

Russell, Letty M., ed.,Church With AIDS: Renewal in the Midst of Crisis
Shares the experience and ministry of those living with AIDS, and asks how the traditional church might be seen differently by those struggling with AIDS.

Shelp, Earl E., Ronald H. Sunderland, and Peter W. A. Mansell, AIDS: Personal Stories in a Pastoral Perspective
AIDS confronts the church and its disciples to reflect on ways to minister to PWA's and to meet their special needs. Populations associated with the illness have long been ostracized and alienated from mainstream society. The church is called upon to create a compassionate response to the AIDS crisis.

Shelp, Earl E.; Sunderland, Ronald H., "Houston's clergy consultation on AIDS: uniting for a compassionate reconciliation", Christianity and Crisis 47, p64-66 March 2 1987

Sider, Ronald J., "AIDS: an evangelical perspective", The Christian Century 105 p11-14 January 6-13 1988

Smith, Richard, AIDS, Gays and the American Catholic Church, (Cleveland OH; Pilgrim Press, 1994)

Snow, John, Mortal Fear: Meditations on Death and AIDS
This book is directed at pastors and counselors who must address the needs of AIDS Ñ and other terminally ill Ñ patients, and who must lend comfort to those of us struggling with mortality in our lives. This brief, readable volume contains excellent sermon material on the important and difficult subject of AIDS.

Sorrentino, Mary Ann, "AIDS May Splint Church's Fractured View of Sexuality", National Catholic Reporter Apr 7, 1989; 25:24 p. 32
[Abstract from electronic database]:The implications of AIDS for Catholic priests are discussed. It is said that the church has a long history of denial where human frailties are concerned, and that the inclusion of priests in the ranks of those suffering with AIDS may be a call for Catholics to try to understand sexuality and its consequences.

Spong, John Shelby, Bp. "A priest dies of AIDS", The Christian Century 107 p959-960 October 24 1990

St Clair, Thomas F., "Pastoral education regarding gay and lesbian Christians including persons with AIDS" ; St Clair, Thomas F, DMin United Theological Seminary 1988 149+P
ABSTRACT: Project director: Carolyn J Bohler. This project assumes that ministry is a part of the church's mission. The two main objectives of the study are to minister to the spiritual needs of the gay/lesbian person and his/her family, and to design and implement a method of instruction which can help others better understand the needs of gay/lesbian persons and minister to them in the community of believers. The latter objective is addressed through the design and testing of a workshop format which included general information on homosexuality, social issues, AIDS, Scripture and theology and general ministry to and with homosexual persons. The workshop format is judged to be an effective method for broadening the church's ministry through education.

Stiles, B. J., "AIDS and the churches: belated, growing response", Christianity and Crisis 45 No 22 p534-536 January 13 1986

Stulz, James, "Toward a Spirituality for Victims of AIDS Illustration", America Jun 21, 1986; 154:24 p. 509-511
[Abstract from electronic database]:Comparisons between dying AIDS patients and Jesus Christ are offered. The trauma of AIDS has brought many homosexuals, once rejected by the Catholic church, back to a religious life.

Sunderland, Ronald and Earl E. Shelp, AIDS and the church, (Philadelphia : Westminster Press, 1987), rev. ed. 199?

Sunderland, Ronald H. and Earl E. Shelp, AIDS: A Manual for Pastoral Care

Thomas, Lillian, "In Short: Good-Bye, I Love You", New York Times Book Review Sep 21, 1986; p. 27

Tilleraas, Perry, Color of Light: Meditations for All of Us Living with AIDS
From the Hazeldan Meditation series, this offers daily meditations that affirm individual worth. Drawing from such diverse sources as the Bible, the Upanishads, the writings of Lao-tzu, and the words of people with AIDS themselves, this inspirational resource brings Twelve-Step wisdom and spirituality to those who have the symptoms of AIDS, those who have been diagnosed HIV-positive, and those who love and support the afflicted.

Tilleraas, Perry, Spiritual Response To AIDS: The Twelve Steps
This powerful yet simple pamphlet illustrates how each of the twelve steps can be applied to AIDS. It guides the way to overcoming the fear and learning to change and develop spirituality.

Tillman, William M., AIDS, a Christian response, (Nashville, Tenn. : Convention Press, 1990)

Todd, Peter , AIDS: A Pilgrimage to Healing
After working as an AIDS caregiver for the last ten years, the author has compiled his extensive research and experience and developed a therapy that promotes well-being and serenity in the face of anxiety and dread provoked by HIV. This accessible account gives the details of his approach and offers practical suggestions for all those effected by AIDS.

United States Catholic Conference. Administrative Board, The many faces of AIDS: a Gospel response : a statement, (Washington D.C.: The Conference, c1987)

Unsworth, Tim, "We come here to live, not to die", U.S. Catholic, Sep 1 1991 v 56: 9, p. 28
Faced with death, the AIDS patients at Bonaventure House turn to their faith for comfort.

Walter, Alfred., AIDS als Versuchung : christliche Existenz und schwere Krankheit, (Munchen : Kaiser, 1989)

Windsor, Pat, "Dioceses Differ on AIDS Education ", National Catholic Reporter Jun 2, 1989; 25:32 p. 4
[Abstract from electronic database]:AIDS education in Catholic schools in Boston and Milwaukee demonstrates the variety of approaches different dioceses are using. While both dioceses affirm church teaching on sexuality and promote abstinence as the best way to prevent transmission of AIDS, Boston schools do not teach about condom use, but Milwaukee schools do.

Wood, Glenn G., The AIDS epidemic : balancing compassion & justice, (Portland, Or. : Multnomah, 1990)

Woodward, James, Embraciing the Chaos: Theological Responses to AIDS, (London:SPCK, 1990)


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