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Suetonius: The Life of Tibellus

This Life, which is greatly abridged in the form in which it survives, is attributed to Suetonius.

[Loeb Translation, 1913]

"THEE too, Tibullus, companion of Vergil, envious death sent in youth to the Elysian fields, that there might be no one to mourn tender loves in elegy, or sing the wars of kings in heroic verse." - [Written by Domitius Marsus]

Albius Tibullus, a Roman knight, remarkable for his good looks and conspicuous for his personal elegance, was devoted above all others to Messala Corvinus the orator. He was his tent companion in the war in Aquitania and was given military prizes. In the judgment of many men he holds the first place among writers of elegy. His amatory letters, too, though short are very useful.' He died in youth, as is indicated by the epigram written above