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Timaeus of Tauromenium (c.356-260 BCE)
History of Sicily

Timaeus seems to have been the one who invented the system of dating by Olympiads later popularized by Eratosthenes. He wrote a 38 book history of Sicily, his homeland (although he lived in Athens for fifty years). Polybius praised him, but also accused him of falsification. [Ref. Oxford Companion to Classical Literature]

This passage is printed in W. Churchill: Homosexual Behaviour Among Males, (New York: 1967), p. 77 but without a specific citation. It is significant because of his specific claim that "active" and "passive" homosexual activity were not objectionable.

On Homosexuality among the Tyrrhenians

It is not considers objectionable among the Tyrrhenians to have to do with boys openly, whether actively or passively, for paederasty is a custom of the country…

When they are with friends or relatives their custom is the following. When they have stopped drinking and are going to bed, servants bring into them courtesans, beautiful boys, or women, while the lamps are still burning. When they have enjoyed themselves sufficiently with these, they fetch young men in their prime and let them enjoy themselves with these courtesans, beautiful boys, or women. They pay homage to love…

They are very find of women, but find more pleasure with boys and with young men. These are very beautiful since they take the greatest care of their persons and remove all troublesome hairs from their bodi.