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Selected Sources: Sex and Gender


  • Women's Roles
    • General
    • Women in Religion
    • Women as Writers
    • Women in Politics
    • Noblewomen
    • "Middle" Class Women
    • Towns Women
    • Peasant Women
    • Jewish Women
    • Women at Home
    • Women at Work Outside the Home
    • Women in Business Activities
    • Woman and Misogyny
  • Men's Roles
  • Constructions of Sexuality and Gender
    • General
    • Legal Control of Sexualuty
    • Theological Norms
    • Homoerotic/Transgendered Subcultures
  • Marriage
    • General
    • Theology
    • Law and Marriage
    • Married Lives

Women's Roles
Men's Roles
Constructions of Sexuality and Gender