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From this page it is now possible to search quickly the contents of the Medieval Sourcebook (as well as of all the online Internet History Sourcebooks), or all of ORB, or a selection of other historical electronic text sites, or the entire Web. There are four ways to do this.

Please note, the ARGOS search engine will no longer return any information on documents at the Internet History Sourcebooks Project Limited.

The Fordham Search Engine [WAIS]

Go to the Fordham Search Page to use this option.This uses a WAIS system to search only files on the Fordham server. It helps to use the Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT.The engine will retrieve files from other Fordham pages, but it is a good way of search the texts online here.


Hotbot is one of the major search engines on the Internet. It is possible, as here to "tweak" it, so that it will search only files at specific websites. Here you have the option of linking directly to Hotbot's search engine, and searching only files at the Internet History Sourcebooks Project, files at the Sourcebooks and other major historical source text sites, or the entire Web. This is the most flexible option.

    • Choose SEARCH RANGE in first window [The Internet History Sourcebooks Project is the default]
    • Enter KEYWORDS in the second [Boolean operators work]
    • Select SEARCH

This is a search made through the HOTBOT search engine. Some notes on this:

  • In the default, HOTBOT does search the full text of Internet History Sourcebooks Project documents, but will not search documents linked to from the project which are located off the Fordham web server.
  • HOTBOT may take a few weeks to re-index the Sourcebook site. As a result, new material will not be immediately available. Check the Sourcebook Accessions page for new material.
  • HOTBOT requires that entire domains be searched. This means extra material will inevitably creep in.
  • Historical eText Sites will search the following domains:
    • The Internet History  Sourcebooks Project: [Medieval, Modern European]
    • ORB Main Site: [General Medieval]
    • Online Medieval and Classical Libary: [Medieval]
    • Christian Cassics Ethereal Library: [Early Christian]
    • New Advent:, [Early Christian, Aquinas]
    • Virginia Etext Center: [General Etexts]
    • St. Michael's Depot: [Church Councils]
    • Hanover College Historical Text Project: [General]
    • Eternal Word Television Network: [Roman Catholic Material]
    • American Universoty Catholic Files: [Early Christian]
    • Benedictine Pages: [Monastic Texts]
    • St. Pachomias Library: [Orthodox Text]
    • Wesley Center for Applied Theology: [noncanonical texts, Josephus]
    • University of Pennsylvania Site: [Christian, Late Antique Texts]
    • MIT Classics Archive: [Classical literature]
    • Islamic Library Project: [Muslim Literature]
    • Copt Net: [Coptic Texts]
    • Avesta Web: [Zoroastrian texts]
Some etext sites are not searchable via this engine, mainly because they lack individual domains.
The Internet Medieval Sourcebook participates in
ORB, the Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies.
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