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Medieval Sourcebook:
Use of Secondary Sources

The Internet Medieval Sourcebook consists primarily of a series of onsite primary sources - both excerpted and full-text.

In addition a Secondary Sources page links to essays at various places on the internet which relate to the primary source material here.

In some cases a link has also been made on the main source texts pages to a secondary source which discusses the specific primary source or its author. Such links are only made if the offsite location is secure and meant as a permanent Internet resource.

The Catholic Encyclopedia

At the moment the biggest source of such secondary material is the WEB Catholic Encyclopedia of 1917. Now in US public domain, this 1917 encyclopeadia is being made available in its entirety on the World Wide Web. Although, occasionally, it can be a partisan in its representation of historical events, for the most part the impartial standards of scholarship were met, and its contributors were scholars in their fields. For basic data and bibliography it is by far the most useful WWW resource. The main problem, of course, is that it was finished in 1917 - its comments, and bibliographies, can never thus be taken as the final word.

As they become available other secondary sources may be added to the Sourcebook.

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