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Manors of the Abbey of Bec, A.D. 1248

Ruislip [Middlesex]. Tuesday after the Purification of the Blessed Virgin.

Robert Coke in mercy for the lord's wood. Pledge, William Baldwin. Fine, 6 d.

John Brasdefer in mercy for the same. Pledges, William Coke and Arthur Gardener. Fine, 6 d.

Richard Maleville gives 2s. for license to compromise with William of Pinner in a plea of trespass. Pledges, Robert Maureward and William Field.

Robert King in mercy for the lord's wood. Pledge, Richard Maleville and Robert Maureward. Fine, 12 d.

Richard Brown in mercy for teh same. Pledges, William Slipper and Gilbert Lamb. fine, 12 d.

Ailwin Bithewood in mercy for the same. Pledges, William Baldwin and William Cook. Fine, 6 d.

Ragenilda of Bec gives 2 s. for having married without licence. Pledge, William of Pinner. The same Ragenilda demands against Roger Loft and Juliana his wife a certain messuage which belonged to Robert le Beck, and a jury of twelve lawful men is granted her in consideration of teh said fine, and if she recovers seisin she will give in all 5 s. And twelve jurors are elected, to wit, John of Hulle, William Maureward, Robert Hale Walter But, Walter Sigar, William Brihtwin, Richard Horseman, Richard Leofred, William John's son, Hugh Cross, Richard Pontfret and Robert Croyser, John Bisuthe and Gilbert Bisuthe who are sworn. And they say that the said Ragenilda has the greater right. Therefore let her have seisin.

William But in mercy for his pigs caught doing damage to the lord. Pledges, Robert Maureward and Walter Reaper's son. Fine, 6 d.

Alvena leofred is at her law six-handed against Isabella of Hayes [to prove] that she did not take from her a certain knife on the friday after Midsummer day last past, to her damage and dishonour 3 s. Pledges for her law, William Blund and William Shepherd. Afterwards they compromise by leave of the court so that Alvena engages to pay an amercement (fixed at 6 d.), on the security of the said two pledges.

Isabella Jonant demands a certain messuage with a croft which Arthur Gardener holds and gives 12 d. to have a jury of the said twelve men, and if she recovers she will give 2 s. Pledges, Robert Fountain and John Gery. And the twelve jurors mentioned above come and say that the said Isabella has the greater right.


Ruislip [Middlesex]. Saturday after the Purification of the Blessed Virgin.

Richard Guest gives 12 d. and if he recovers will give 2 s. to have a jury of twelve lawful men as to whether he has the greater right in a certain headland at Eastcot which Ragenilda widow of William Andrews holds, or the said Ragenilda. Pledges for the fine, John Brook and Richard of Pinner. And the said Ragenilda comes and says that she has no power to bring that land into judgment because she has no right in it save by reason of the wardship of the son and heir of her husband, who is under age. And Richard is not able to deny this. Therefore let him await [the heir's] full age.

Agnes Street gives 12 d. for leave to compromise with Alice Street. Pledges, Arthur Swineherd and Christian Leofred.

Walter Hulle gives 13 s. 4 d. for licence to dwell on the land of the Prior of Harmondsworth so long as he shall live and as a condition finds pledges, to wit, William Slipper, John Bisuthe, Gilbert Bisuthe, Hugh Tree, William John's son, John Hulle, who undertake that the said Walter shall do to the lord all the services and customs which he would do if he dwelt on the lord's land and that his heriot shall be secured to the lord in case he dies there [i.e. at Harmondsworth].

William White gives 6 s. 8 d. to have seisin of the land which was that of Richard his father. Pledges, Arthur Swineherd and Richard of Pinner.


Weedon Beck [Northamptonshire]. Friday before the Nativity of S. John Baptist.

The court presented that William Noah's son is the born bondman of the lord and a fugitive and dwells at Dodford. Therefore he must be sought. They say also that William Askil, John Parsons and Godfrey Green have furtively carried off four geese from the vill of Horepoll.

John Witrich is in mercy for his foal caught in the lord's corn. Pledges, Guy Love and Simon Winbold..

[The] twelve jurors come and say that Guner Lutting has no right in a half-virgate of land which Richard Oppmel holds. Therefore let the said Richard go thence without day and let Guner pay the fine of 2 s. which he promised for having a jury on the security of Simon Champion and Thomas Askil.


Weedon Beck [Northamptonshire]. Day of S. Peter at Chains.

John Henry's son gives 3 s. and if he recvoers will give 3 marks for having a jury of twelve to inquire whether he has the greater right in a moiety of a virgate of land with the appurtenances in Weedon (which moiety he claims against Ralph Winbold and Juliana his wife who hold a half part thereof, and against Geoffrey Winbold who holds the other half part thereof), or the said Ralph, Juliana and Geoffrey. And twelve jurors are elected, to wit, William Grene the slow, Walter fot eh green, John Richman, David King, Geoffrey Tonstal, Ailwin Crisp, John Tailor, Richard Guy's son, Guy Carter, Guner Bishop, Simon Reeve's son, Robert Brockhole, John Cade, John Bernard and William Brother. Who being sworn come and say that the said John has no right in the said land. Therefore it is considered that the said tenants do go thence without day and that the said John do pay 3 s., for which Godfrey Francis and Godfrey Taylor are pledges.

Geoffrey Sweyn demands the moiety of one virgate of land which John Crisp and Alina Hele hold, and he gives 2 s. to have a jury, and if he recovers will give 20 s. And the said jurors come and say upon their oath that the said Geoffrey has no right in the said land. Therefore let the said tenants go thence without day and let the said Geoffrey pay 2 s. Pledges, Hugh Bussel and Godfrey Francis.

Juliana Saer's daughter demands as her right the moiety of one messuage with a croft, which messuage William Snell and Goda his wife, sister of the said Juliana hold. And they have made accord by leave [of the court] to the effect that the said William and Goda give to teh said Juliana a barn and the curtilage nearest the Green and two selions in the western part of the said croft. And the said William put himself in mercy. Fine, 12 d.

Hugh of Stanbridge complains of Gilbert Vicar's son and William of Stanbridge that the wife of the said Gilbert who is of [Gilbert's] mainpast and the said William unjustly etc. beat and unlawfully struck him and dragged him by his hair out of his own proper house, to his damage 40 s. and to his dishonour 20 s., and [of this] he produces suit. And Gilbert and William come and defend all of it fully. Therfore let each of them go to his law six-handed. Afterwards they make accord to this effect that in case the said Hugh shall hereafter in any manner offend against [Gilbert and William] and thereof shall be convicted he will give the lord 6 s. 8 d. by way of penalty and will make amends to [Gilbert and William] according to the judgment of six lawful men, and the others on their part will do the like by him. And Hugh put himself in mercy. Fine, 3 s. Pledges, John Tailor and Walter Brother.

Breakers of the assize [of beer:] William Idle (fined 6 d.), maud carter's widow (6 d.), Walter Carter.

John Witriche in mercy for carrying off thorns. Fine, 6 d.

Robert Dochi in mercy (fine, 2 d.) for divers trespasses. Pledges, Gilbert Priest's son, Ralph Winbold and Walter Green.

Ailwin Crisp in mercy for his cow caught in the lord's pasture when ward had been made. Fine, 12 d.

John Bernard in mercy for his beasts caught by night in the lord's meadow. Fine, 2 s.

Richard Love gives 12 d. to have a jury of twelve touching a rod of land which Robert of Brockhole and Juliana his wife hold. This action is respited to the next court [when the jurors are to come] without further delay. Afterwards the jurors come and say upon their oath that the said Richard has the greater right in the said land. Therefore let him have sieisin.

This text was taken from:
Maitland, F.W., ed. Select Pleas in Manorial and Other Seignorial Courts: Volume 1--Reigns of Henry III and Edward I. London: Bernard Quaritch, 1889.

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