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Manors of the Abbey of Bec, A.D. 1249

Ogbourne [Wiltshire]. Thursday in Whitsun week.

William Blackbeard in mercy for not coming with his law as he was bound to do. Pledges, Geoffrey of Wick and Geoffrey Payn. Fine, 6 d.

It was presented that Stephen Shepherd by night struck his sister with a knife and grievously wounded her. Therefore let him be committed to prison. Afterwards he made fine with 2 s. Pledge, Geoffrey of wick.

It was presented that Robert Carter's son by night invaded the house of Peter Burgess and in felony threw stones at his door so that the said Peter raised the hue. Therefore let the said Robert be committed to prison. Afterwards he made fine with 2 s.

Nicholas Drye, Henry le Notte (fine, 12 d.) and Thomas Hogue (fine, 12 d.) were convicted for that they by night invaded the house of Sir Thomas the Chaplain and forcibly expelled thence a man and woman who had been taken in there as guests. Therefore they are in mercy. Pledges of the said Thomas, richard of Lortemere and Jordan of Paris. Pledges of the said Henry, Richard Pen... and Richard Butry.

Adam Moses gives half a sextary of wine to have an inquest as to whether Henry Ayulf accused him of the crime of larceny and used opprobrious and contumelious words of him. Afterwards they made accord and Henry finds security for an amercement. Fine, 12 d.

Isabella Sywards in mercy for having sold to Richard Bodenham land that she could not warrant him.

All the ploughmen of great Ogbourne are convicted by the oath of twelve men...because by reason of their default [the land] of the lord was ill ploughed whereby the lord is damaged to the amount of 9 s.... And Walter Reaper is in mercy for concealing [i.e. not giving information as to] the said bad ploughing. Afterwards he made fine with the lord with 1 mark.

From Ralph Joce 6 s. 8 d. for his son, because he [the son] unlawfully carried off corn from the lord's court. Pledge, Geoffrey Joce.

From Henry Pink 12 d. for a trespass by waylaying.

From Eve Corner 6 d. for a trespass of her pigs.

From Ralph Scales 6 d. for timber carried off.

From William Cooper 12 d. for ploughing his own land with the lord's plough without licence.

From Hugh Newman 12 d. for trespass in the wood.

From Richard Penant 12 d. for the same.

From Helen widow of Little Ogbourne 6 d. for the same.

From Nicholas Siward 6 d. for a false complaint against William Pafey.

From William Pafey 12 d. for fighting with the said Nicholas.

From the widow of Ralph Shepherd 6 d. for a trespass in Pencombe.


Bledlow [Buckinghamshire]. Friday after S. Peter at Chains.

Richard Blund gives a half-mark and if he recovers will give two marks and a half to have a jury of the whole court, to inquire whether he has the greater right in a virgate of land which Hugh Frith holds in wardship with Cristiana daughter of Simon White, or the said Cristiana. Pledges for the fine, Richard Dene, William Hulle, John of Senholt, Hugh Smith, and William Ketelburn. And the whole court say upon their oath that the said Richard has greater right in the said land than anyone else. Therefore let him recover his seisin.

Peter Coterel gives two marks to have seisin of the land which was his father's, saving to Roise his mother a third part of the same land. Pledges, William Ketelburn, Simon Francis, William Costard and John of Senholt.

...Miller gives 2 d. [the Latin translates as 4 s.] for a trespass against the assize of beer and because the lord's corn has been ill kept at teh mill. Pledges, John Orped and Joce Serjeant.


Weedon Beck [Northamptonshire]. Monday after the feast of S. Leonard.

Simon Wimbold gives 1 mark to have seisin of a fourth part of one virgate of land which Geoffrey his brother held. Pledges, William Askil and Ralph Wimbold.

Agatha daughter of Robert son of Maud gives 20 s. to have seisin of a third part of that virgate of land which John of Bledlow held, for that it belongs to her as her reasonable share. Pledges, Hugh Bussel, William Askil and Gilbert Priest's son.

Roger Smith complains of robert of brockhole about an acre of land which the said Roger had hired from Maud daughter of the said Robert for a term of four years and says that the said Robert undertook to guarantee him his said term, and gives 2 s. to have an inquest.

Gilbert Priest's son complains of the said Robert in the same manner as to three acres of land and gives 2 s. to have an inquest.

Noah gives 2 s. in the same way for an inquest as to one acre. Afterwards they submit themselves to arbitrators, who adjudge that the said Robert shall pay 3 s. to the said Roger and 6 s. to the said Gilbert and 7 s. to the said Noah, and that he will do so [Robert] finds pledges.


Cottisford [Oxfordshire]. Vigil of S. Martin.

Ralph Bar in mercy for having beaten one of the lord's men. Pledges, Herbert Rede and Ralph Brunild.

For the common fine of the township, a half-mark.

John Boneffiant found pledges, to wit, William Smith and William of Bledlow, that he will not eloign himself from the lord's land and that he will be prompt to obey the lord's summons.


This text was taken from:
Maitland, F. W., ed. Select Pleas in Manorial and Other Seignorial Courts: Volume 1--Reigns of Henry III and Edward I. London: Bernard Quaritch, 1889

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