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Medieval Sourcebook:
Concord made between Laurence the Clerk, Son of William & Sir Simon, son of Richard of Stanstead and their kinsmen c. 1150 x 1178

Be it known to all sons of Holy Church present and future that a concord has been made between Laurence the clerk son of William and Sir Simon the son of Richard of Stanstead [Stanstead Abbots, Herts.] and their kinsmen in this way, viz.:

That the aforesaid Simon has made arrangements for three annual masses to be celebrated for the soul of Julian the killed brother of Laurence, and one pauper to be fed for all the days of Simon's life, and he has given 5 acres of arable land to God and the blessed paupers of the Holy Hospital of Jerusalem [the Knights Hospitaller] in perpetual alms, and with these acres the 2 holms of meadow which lie next to the land of lord Peter the priest and of Laurence, in perpetuity released free and quit from all secular service and without any claim from the aforesaid Simon or any of his heirs; and that the aforesaid Simon did homage to Laurence with 40 knights, some kinsmen, others friends of his. In addition he [Simon] swore that he did not kill the aforesaid Julian, brother of Laurence, with his own hand, nor did he come to the lodgings of Julian and Laurence his brother to seek their death, and when he heard of their death he was more saddened by it than joyful ["plus inde condoluit quam letatus est"]. The aforesaid Simon gave his faith in the hand of Brother Roger Simple, servant of the holy paupers of Jerusalem [Prior of English Hospitallers] to keep, observe and guarantee all the above as far as lay in his power for himself and his people ["sui generis"] and Laurence did the same in the same Roger's hand for himself and his people, excepting however those who committed this homicide, viz. Richard son of Ralph and Simon's brother, Roger, and Roland of Hunsdon and Willam Walpik. And in this way, Laurence and Simon and their kinsmen became concordes et amici in perpetuity with the exception of those whom we excluded above.


The Early Charters of Waltham Abbey, 1062-1230, ed. R. Ransford (Boydell Press: Woodbridge, 1989), no. 368.

© Translation by Paul Hyams of Cornell University. See his home page/copyright page. Prof   Hyams indicates that the translations are available for educational use. He intends to expand the number of translations, so keep a note of his home page. 

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Paul Halsall, July 1998