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Medieval Sourcebook:
Prohibitions on Transactions, 803-806

Prohibitions on Nocturnal Transactions, 803.

2. Be it decreed that it is of importance that none should transact business at night in gold vessels, silver vessels, slaves, gems, horses, and animals, except for food and fodder necessary for those making a journey. But let every one transact his business by day in the presence of all and before witnesses.

Prohibition on Immovables, 806.

Division of the Empire.

II. Concerning transfers and sales which are customarily made between the parts, we ordain, that none of the three brothers take up in the other's kingdom the transfer or sale of immovable goods,

that is of lands, vineyards, and woods, and serfs who have property, or other goods which are considered under the name of inheritances; except gold, silver, gems, arms, clothes, serfs without property, and those goods which are known to belong properly to merchants; this we have altogether forbidden to all free men.


From: (1) J. P. Migne, ed., Patrologiae Cursus Completus, (Paris, 1862), Vol. XCVII, p. 267; (2) L. A. Muratori, ed., Rerum Italicarum Scriptores, (Milan, 1725), Tome I, Part II, p. 116, reprinted in Roy C. Cave & Herbert H. Coulson, A Source Book for Medieval Economic History, (Milwaukee: The Bruce Publishing Co., 1936; reprint ed., New York: Biblo & Tannen, 1965), pp. 97-98.

Scanned by Jerome S. Arkenberg, Cal. State Fullerton. The text has been modernized by Prof. Arkenberg.

This text is part of the Internet Medieval Source Book. The Sourcebook is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted texts related to medieval and Byzantine history.

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